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Basics of setting up a meeting room and workstation

Basics of setting up a meeting room and workstation

The rise of remote work in the past two years created a growing demand to equally invest in setting up meeting rooms for hybrid meetings and office workstations.

Itaf’s field engineers are highly qualified in setting up both modern workspaces as well as installing a meeting room to fit any organization’s needs.

These are the basics of what ITAF can do on-site in supporting businesses growing demands for professional meeting rooms and workstations.

Setting up conferencing rooms

The statistics say that the executives spend up to 23 hours a week in meetings, and over 15% of a company’s time is spent in meeting rooms. That is why is equally important for business owners and coworking spaces to offer well-designed meeting rooms besides professional workstations.

Modern meeting rooms are set up so they can connect participants both in and out of the office. Installing a modern conference room requires knowledge, and superb equipment so it can support quality communication with remote participants.

1# Evaluation

ITAF’s experts in meeting room installations firstly do a detailed analysis of your meeting room, its size, space, furniture, and possibilities. They usually visit a site so that they can do a complete evaluation and a precise plan.

2# Meeting room hardware

Once they have a complete overview of the space they are working with, they will suggest the optimal equipment for the given space. ITAF provides you with the high-quality meeting room hardware:

  • Audio and video conferencing equipment from the biggest players on the market such as Yealink
  • TV material and additional monitors and displays
  • Stands, mounts, and other additional equipment

3# Configuration and setup

Once the hardware that fits your needs is selected, ITAF’s specialists will do a complete configuration and setup of the equipment.

The chosen hardware is compatible with most conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and ITAF can provide you with licenses for these collaboration tools and integrate them into your business infrastructure.

4# Installation

The next step is a careful installation of the meeting room equipment on-site done by ITAF’s field engineers. Not only do they install the equipment, but they additionally take care of the cabling in meeting rooms so that everything looks professional and clean.

Setting up workstations

ITAF provides both hardware and needed software for a modern workstation. Not only you can supply your organization with the best professional hardware and the latest version of office and collaboration tools provides through Microsoft 365, but you can rely on ITAF’s engineers to do all the needed instalments and network connections on-site. The functional workspace is ITAF’s specialty.

If you are starting new, ITAF hardware specialists will suggest the best hardware and software solutions for you, provide you with them, and do all the configurations and installments needed. In case you want to replace your old hardware, ITAF’s security specialists can perform IT security measures such as secure disk wiping, to provide a safe hardware replacement. ITAF will provide you with not only workstation and conference rooms hardware, but also all the hardware needed for all the necessary network connection and communication through cloud connect.

ITAF will do all the on-site configurations, setup and help you configure your perfect workspace.

The activities of IT field engineers on-site:

  • Structural network cabling that consists of UTP & Fiber cabling installation (connector installation, cable installation, patch-panel termination, cable testing, …)
  • Rack installations and clean-up that also consist of equipment and network cabling installation.
  • Cloud-connect, that includes all the necessary migrations, replacing or Installing servers, routers & switches

Contact ITAF

Whether you want to take a leap forward in collaboration by installing a meeting room, or you need a basic workspace setup, ITAF can provide you with the best hardware and software and offer you superb support on-site with its experienced field engineers. Contact ITAF and get all-around support.

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