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How ITAF Cloud services scales up your business infrastructure

How ITAF Cloud services scales up your business infrastructure

Business usage of the internet relies on a safe network, that protects the data pivotal to the organization. A safe and secured internet connection is one of the basics when creating an efficient business infrastructure. ITAF as a business infrastructure partner offers cloud services that provide an organization with the servers, domain controllers, complete communication network, and firewalls to boost continuity, scalability, and security.

1# It makes your internet connection safe

Usage of the internet relies on the following setup: User rents a modem through which they connect to the internet via the provider. Business connections must be secured to protect data pivotal to an organization from data breaches or hacker attacks. That is why business usage of the internet must contain a security system. A firewall is the most important device to secure your business network from the internet. It stops all kinds of malicious traffic.

Business usage of the internet also includes using switches and routers, which makes it possible for all different devices on the same premise to connect to the internet. A switch is a device where you can put a lot of network cables to connect computers. Wi-fi access points can be used to provide wireless network/internet access. These WIFI Access points are connected to the switches.

In the image below you can easily see how ITAF sets this up.

2# It allows safe business usage of internet on various locations

If your organization runs from more than one location, a traditional setup will require a firewall on each location – which is quite expensive. Additionally, to connect all those locations in a way that all parts of an organization can use the same internet connection, or to connect printers from one location to another, firewalls must talk to each other via the internet.

ITAF as an infrastructure partner makes sure to make this easier with the ITAF cloud – a place you can get everything you need

  • servers (fileserver, domain controller, Windows, Linux)
  • website hosting,
  • telephony,
  • managed Wi fi,
  • firewall.

Once connected to the cloud, customers can start making use of those services.

Your ITAF cloud is connected to a firewall and through it to the internet. This means that not all customer locations need to have a separate firewall.

This way, you cut costs and your connections are centrally secured and monitored.

3# It provides you with the necessary hardware

Having your own servers can be quite costly and hard to manage. Servers consume a lot of electricity and to be secured, they need to be kept in a separate room and monitored, daily backed-up and maintained by the experts.

ITAF Cloud services makes this easier to the customers, by allowing them to rent ITAF hardware – Dynamic Cloud Platform.

Dynamic Cloud Platform contains CPU (central processing unit), disk space and memory – components that a customer can rent from physical infrastructure of ITAF in a datacenter. The customer does not have to think about their own hardware, renew it or buy anything infrastructure related.

If the customer needs more space on servers, they can easily increase their cloud capacity without having to invest in extra physical infrastructure.

In case an organization already has their own physical server, it can be kept and maintained in the datacenters as well, ITAF provides colocation –In that way organizations cut costs and make sure that servers are monitored and backed up daily, thus the risks associated with in-house operations are minimized.

4# It saves your time and space by storing everything in ITAF cloud

In recent years, due to the rise of remote and hybrid forms of working, business infrastructure relies on data accessibility and security from anywhere. With ITAF managed private cloud solution – fully managed by experts, any organization can opt for an IT environment that matches modern digital expectations. These environments are managed & monitored by monitoring/backup tooling & ITAF IT experts.

ITAF engineers provide IP secure routers on customer locations (between a modem and a switch). This IP router is connected to the datacenter through VPN (Virtual Private Network) and gives a customer access to all ITAF cloud services and safe connections through a firewall. This way organizations do not have to take care of connections internally, and all time and space consuming infrastructure processes are outsourced.

5# It allows you to use the same Wi Fi at any of your business’ locations and print from one to another location

This unified system based on ITAF cloud services provides organizations with the same Wi fi in all offices in various locations. This model configures every access point with the same Wi-fi.

It also provides you with the possibility to print via the cloud, and have all your devices and printers connected, so you can print documents from one to another business location. These are just some of the benefits of cloud computing.

#6 It provides you with 24/7 monitoring and data recovery

ITAF provides a 24/7 monitoring server as a service – that includes all the customers’ devices installed. Thanks to the monitoring tools that ITAF has setup, ITAF can react quickly if anything crashes or needs fixing.

Storing data in the cloud also guarantees that it is always available, even if the equipment is damaged. Cloud based services allow a quick recovery even in a situation of natural disasters or power outages.

Contact ITAF

ITAF will provide you a first-class hosting managed services and cloud-based infrastructures, constant support, and monitoring. Contact ITAF and find a perfect solution, migrate to the cloud, and scale up your business procedures.

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