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Cyber Security October - Security Patching

Security patching

Security patching as a service today, is still one of the most important parts of network security, especially in big network environments when you must

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Cyber Security October - Password Security

Password Security

Humans are the weakest link in the cyber security chain. Most of the cyber security incidents and breaches are happening due a human error. One

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Cyber Security October - Device Security

Device Security

Today it is common to see people use multiple devices for both work and personal life. While of course a PC and a laptop are

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Cyber Security October - Remote Security

Remote Work Security

For many companies, the way of working and organization has changed due to Covid-19. As many people moved from their offices to their homes, the

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Online threats and security - Cyber Security October

Online threats and security

Every year in October around the world, many organizations, companies and individuals are organizing various events with the goal to raise awareness of online threats

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