Security Services

IT Security Services and Consulting

ITAF helps customers to prevent and handle cyber‑attacks by managing cyber‑exposure, helping them understand the risks, and enabling them to make informed decisions, and putting pragmatic and effective protection in place. Complete IT security solutions are being performed through thorough education, audits, protection systems, backup, and disaster recovery services.

Data Security Services

Data Security

Management and Information Security

Detect and respond to cyber attacks before your critical data is compromised.
Let us be your managed security services provider within the following cyber security services:

Network Security Services

Internet Threat Prevention and Secure VPN Access

ITAF security specialists can do complete performance and security view of every user & device on and around your network. ITAF is securing your internet connections through:

Network Security

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services


Protect, Store and Recover Your Data

Seamlessly backup your critical data 24/7 and rapidly reduce the downtime with a scalable and secure solutions ITAF is providing within:

Security Audit & Analytics

Protection and Detection of Security Alerts

Get ahead of threats and encourage collaboration between security alerts and business/data protection.

Security Audit and Analytics services include:

Data Analytics

ITAF as recognized SME e-wallet provider

This means that when you participate in our trainings 30% (for companies up to 50 employees) and 20% (for companies up to 250 employees) of your invoice can be paid by the Flemish Government.

ITAF can be found as a recognized service provider via the following registration number: DV.O236476

Better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to protect your data, and secure your network please contact us and we'll be glad to help you.
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