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 IT security and cyber security have a pivotal role in protecting your business data, infrastructure, and money flows. Call us and secure your IT environment.


IT security services

Antivirus and Antimalware

Latest generation anti-virus for prevention from digital threats, and anti-malware for getting rid of malicious software.

Secure Desktop Management

Providing security for each hardware piece within IT infrastructure. Managing computers, software licenses, installing patches, deploying software and taking control of remote desktops.


Checking for available security patches and automating the installation of updates to prevent malicious intruders from infesting IT environments.

Data Disposal and Disk Wiping

Secure data disposal of outdated IT assets such as servers, hard drives, and Datacenter equipment following International Data Destruction Standards.


Protection of mailboxes from malicious attacks, phishing and ransomware by encrypting your emails and setting up protective filters.

Intrusion Detection System

A layer of protection that recognizes, monitors, detects, and analyses malicious attempts by intruders to enter your network, business computer, or server.

Secure Cloud Firewall

Cloud-based firewall that leads to a network design where all locations of the organization can be secured by a firewall (cluster).

Cloud Backup

Securing your critical data in cases of a disaster. Performing a complete cloud backup of your files, databases and application data.

Security Audit

Broad perspective security audit that discovers pain points of your IT infrastructure, based on which we tailor and perform security measures for your organization.

Security Awareness Training

Educating your employees about internet threats like phishing and social engineering, and creating awareness about good practices for password security, data classification and physical security.

Microsoft 365

An upgrade for Microsoft’s basic data damage and loss protection. It provides additional cloud backup that protects you from data loss.

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