Automated security – All you need to know about security patching

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Every day, technology advance and changes the important parts of our everyday activities. It applies not only to our personal activities, but to business activities as well. Every system can be potential target of some type of a cyber crime. That is why is recommended to have Automated security – Security patching.

Some of the most common cyber attacks are happening due to vulnerabilities discovered in OS, and the fact that many of the servers still use old software. This means that there will be no more future patches for those systems, which could cause a problem if some new cyber threat occurs.

Keeping all company’s servers updated can be a time consuming. This is why it is good to have some solution that would keep all you servers and other devices automatically patched with the latest patches. That kind of solution is actually a Desktop Central MSP .

Desktop Central MSP

Desktop Central MSP can be set to automatically install all security patches on your servers, and not just for OS, but also for it’s applications. Besides that, Desktop Central MSP can offer remote desktop management of all servers and PCs in your domain, which benefits in quickly connecting and resolving issues.

What is the benefit of automated security patching?

Well the first benefit is what we mention before. Keeping a few servers updated with the latest patching can be time consuming. Having a software solution, like Desktop Central MSP, saves a lot of time and follows up latest security threats.  In case of an attack occurrence(like Zero-day), Desktop Central will immediately push security fixes.

Some of the most recent zero-day attacks targeted web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorel. You can read more about those on the links bellow:

Update Firefox Right Now to Patch This Zero-Day Vulnerability
Google patches Chrome zero-day under active attacks
Microsoft’s November 2019 Patch Tuesday arrives with a patch for an IE zero-day

When it comes to the Windows security patching, Microsoft release security patches every second Tuesday of a month, which is known as Patch Tuesday. But in case of an issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible,the patches will be released before Patch Tuesday.

How can ITAF help you?

If you need help with keeping your environment safe with the latest security patching, Contact ITAF. Our experienced security experts can help you with implementing automated security patching software on your domain and provide you with all necessary information.

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