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Urgency of Cyber threat Protection in Belgium

cyber threat protection in Belgium

In recent years, Belgium has experienced a significant rise in cyber threats, with phishing attacks posing a growing threat to individuals and businesses alike. As per recent data, the amount stolen through phishing in Belgium has seen a sharp increase. In 2021, approximately 25 million euros were stolen through phishing, but this number rose to a staggering 39.8 million euros in the following year. While the numbers are concerning, it’s equally disconcerting that a portion of the Belgian population remains unfamiliar with the concept of phishing and cyber threat protection in Belgium.

Around 8% of the population has never even heard of phishing, and among young people, this number jumps to 12%.

Additionally, more than half of Belgians are unsure about the appropriate actions to take if they fall victim to a phishing attack.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the government has taken steps to address this issue. A new campaign against phishing has been launched with the slogan ‘It’s in the details!’. This campaign encourages consumers to exercise caution when browsing websites or clicking on links. It highlights the importance of paying extra attention to website URLs and recommends using an additional tool, the safeonweb browser extension, which can help users determine the safety of a website.

For businesses, here are some proactive steps you can take to protect yourself and your employees from cyberthreats:

Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees about various internet threats, including phishing and social engineering. Promote awareness of best practices for password security, data classification, and physical security.

ITAF offers a holistic approach to security awareness training, powered by Phished. Our program includes bite-sized, continuous training modules and phishing simulations to keep your employees well-prepared against evolving threats.

Secure Passwords

Weak passwords can significantly increase the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. Consider using a password manager, which eliminates the need to remember complex passwords. Tools like Bitwarden are designed to generate and store passwords, simplify and strengthen password security.

ITAF provides Bitwarden. What’s more, it can be self-hosted within your secure network, ensuring complete control and enhanced security for your organization.

Mail Protection

Shield your mailboxes from malicious attacks, phishing attempts, and ransomware by encrypting your emails and implementing protective filters.

ITAF assists in setting up protective filters to shield your mailboxes.

Antivirus and Antimalware

Stay protected with the latest generation of antivirus software to prevent digital threats. Additionally, utilize anti-malware tools to eradicate malicious software from your systems.

ITAF offers the latest generation of antivirus solutions for prevention from digital threats.

Secure Desktop Management

Ensure security for every hardware component within your IT infrastructure. Manage computers, software licenses, install patches, deploy software, and maintain control over remote desktops.

ITAF not only provides secure desktop management but also takes care of the entire IT infrastructure.

Security Patching

Regularly check for available security patches and automate the installation of updates to prevent malicious intruders from infiltrating your IT environment.

ITAF assists in checking for available security patches and automates the installation of updates to prevent malicious intruders from infiltrating your IT environment. We ensure that your systems are always up to date and secure.

Intrusion Detection

Implement a robust layer of protection that recognizes, monitors, detects, and analyzes malicious attempts by intruders trying to breach your network, business computers, or servers.

ITAF offers intrusion detection solutions at both the desktop and network level. This approach helps in protecting your entire IT landscape.


Safeguard your critical data by creating complete cloud backups of your files, databases, and application data. Consider upgrades like Microsoft’s data loss protection with additional cloud backup capabilities to protect against data loss.

ITAF goes beyond regular backups. We provide backup monitoring to ensure the integrity of your data. Our complete cloud backup solutions protect your files, databases, and application data, with backup monitoring.

Security Audit

Conduct a comprehensive security audit to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. Use the results to tailor and implement security measures that suit the specific needs of your organization.

ITAF conducts security audits, both on your premises and online, to discover pain points in your IT infrastructure. Our audits are comprehensive, and based on the findings, we tailor and perform security measures specific to your organization, helping you address vulnerabilities and strengthen your security posture.

As cyberthreats continue to evolve and grow, cyber threat protection in Belgium became imperative. Individuals and businesses must stay vigilant, adopt proactive cybersecurity measures, and become familiar with the tools and resources available to protect themselves against phishing and other cyberattacks. Increased awareness and education are the first steps toward building a safer digital environment for all.

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