ITAF: your IT infrastructure partner

Our ICT infrastructure management services provide customers with technical expertise & experience. We provide professional services to build technical infrastructures in line with the customers’ business requirements.

These technical infrastructures are robust, scalable, fault-tolerant and elegant in their effective simplicity whilst meeting complex requirements.

In other words, our services aim at providing enterprises with best-of-breed technical IT infrastructure to enable enterprises to focus on their core business without having to worry about the supporting network & systems.

Managed Services

Our managed services solution ensures that these technical ICT infrastructures are maintained and any incidents, problems or changes are dealt with efficiently and in line with the original architecture.

We offer both fully managed services as well as 3rd line-only managed services. The latter typically supports the enterprise’s existing operational support teams.

Our areas of expertise include:

Enterprise networking
Infrastructure monitoring, trending and reporting
Infrastructure security
Linux & windows servers
Backup infrastructures


The main operational processes are incident, problem and change & release management.

Incident management

The incident management process covers the handling of incidents and event management (proactive incidents). Incidents can be reported via the online Service Center, phone call to our Service Desk or 24/7 on-call system. For each incident a ticket is created, linked to the customer and linked to the configuration item (CI). Proactive tickets are created by one of the monitoring tools or back-office engineers.

Problem management

Problem tickets can be created by the back-office engineers or by a service manager. Once a problem has been identified, the root cause has been successfully diagnosed and the subsequent development of a fix has been implemented, the known error remains part of the knowledge database which is available for all ITAF engineers and as well as the customer.

Change & release management

Change request tickets (Requests for Change) can be created by the customer, the back-office engineers or by the Service manager of a customer. Change tickets can be linked to configuration item (CI) which has a link to a contract with a customer.

Services Operations

Service desk function

ITAF operates a Service Desk which customers can contact in three different languages: English, French and Dutch. The main interfaces to the Service Desk are an online web-based ticket system (the Service Center) as well as telephone.

The ITAF Service Desk is available via phone between 08:00hr and 18:00hr CET. Outside these hours there is a 24/7 on-call system for emergencies.

ITAF can call on global resources which in turn extends the global hours of coverage to 16 out of 24 hours.

Back office/Resolver groups

In Serbia, office ITAF has a 2nd/3rd line support back-office team of network and system engineers.

There are 4 resolver groups:

Network specialists
Linux/Unix system specialists
Windows system specialists
Security specialists

IT Support on site

ITAF has 6 offices across Flanders & Brussels, this way, we are always close by!
This is a perfect match for organisations with multiple sites, offices, …
Our specialists, the field engineers, will come on site to perform installations, repairs, changes, …

You can find us at:

East-Flanders: Gent
West-Flanders: Roeselare
Brussels (Zaventem)
Turnhout (Beerse)

Service management

Each customer gets a Service Manager who is responsible for managing the IT governance with the customer. The Service Manager watches over the daily incidents, problems and changes. In addition to this the Service Manager runs monthly review meetings with the customer.


We’ve developed our own web-based IT Service management tool, which comes with the following functionality:

ticketing system (incidents, problems, changes)
project management tool
CMDB – knowledge base
capacity management tool
configuration management tool

Welcome to the ICT Service Center

Frans van Ryhovelaan 325, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Excelsiorlaan 15, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

Meensesteenweg 699, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium

Wilselsesteenweg 257, 3010 Leuven, Belgium

Haïfastraat 6, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium

Durmitorska 1, Beograd, Serbia

Jovana Subotića 1, Novi Sad, Serbia

Melkerijstraat 1, 2340 Turnhout (Beerse)

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