Hardware and Software

Hardware Selection

ITAF can provide your business and organization with cutting-edge technology pieces of notebooks, phones, routers, servers, and many more. Through our up-to-date knowledge and experience, our partnering with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, and others, we can provide you first-class hardware, customer service, perform installation & configuration on-site, and handle the repairs and updates.


Refurbished Hardware

Looking for refurbished hardware for your business? ITAF can supply you with the green line solutions – from refurbished laptops to cell phones that fit manufacturer standards. The device, accessories, and battery are fully covered.

Xerox Printers

ITAF can provide your business with Xerox Office Multifunction Laser Printers (MFPs), a machine that is your copier, printer, scanner and fax machine, all in one. MFPs bring cost savings, ease of use, security and efficiency to your work, both in and out of the office.

VoIP Phones and Video Conferencing Equpment

ITAF can provide you with professional VoIP equipment, from IP phones for your business to Yealink video conferencing equipment. Tell us your business need and we will come up with the suggestion of the best hardware selection that fits your infrastructure.

Buy Hardware

First-Class Hardware and Customer Service

Choose from an extensive range of hardware. If you already know which hardware solutions suit your organization best, let us know. If you are not sure which hardware will best fit your business infrastructure, let us know your company size and needs and we will come up with the best solution for you. ITAF provides you with the installation & configuration on-site and handles the repairs and updates.

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