IT Support Services

IT Support Services

With more than 20 years of experience and 60+ experienced staff regionally stationed, ITAF can provide you a full IT support, IT consulting services and together with Help Desk team for SMB, corporate and government, ensure the effectiveness and productivity of users and business workflow.

Service Operations and Service Management

IT Service Operations (Service Desk Function)

ITAF operates with Service Desk which customers can contact in three different languages: English, French and Dutch.

The main interfaces to the Service Desk are an online web-based ticket system (Service Center) as well as telephone.

The ITAF Service Desk is available via phone between 08 AM and 6 PM CET. Outside these hours there is a 24/7 on-call system for emergencies.

IT Service Management and Tooling

Account management through ticketing system means that each customer gets a Service Manager who is responsible for managing the IT governance relation. The Service Manager monitors the daily incidents, problems and changes. In addition to this the Service Manager runs monthly review meetings with the customer.

We’ve developed our own web-based IT Service management tool, which comes with the following functionalities:

  • Ticketing system (incidents, problems, changes)
  • Project management tool
  • CMDB – knowledge base
  • Capacity management tool
  • Configuration management tool

Process Management

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) – Efficient IT Service Delivery

Incident Management

The incident management process covers the handling of incidents and event management (proactive incidents). Incidents can be reported via the online Service Center, phone call to our Service Desk or 24/7 on-call system. For each incident a ticket is created, linked to the customer and linked to the configuration item (CI). Proactive tickets are created by one of the monitoring tools or back-office engineers.

Problem tickets can be created by the back-office engineers or by a service manager. Once a problem has been identified, the root cause has been successfully diagnosed and the subsequent development of a fix has been implemented, the known error remains part of the knowledge database which is available for all ITAF engineers as well as the customer.

Problem Management

Change & release Management

Change request tickets (Requests for a Change) can be created by the customer, the back-office engineers or by the Service manager of a customer. Change tickets can be linked to a configuration item (CI) which has a link to a contract with a customer.

What is ITIL?

The ITIL is a framework designed to standardize the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT services within a business. The goal is to improve efficiency and achieve predictable service delivery.

ICT Managed Services Support

Infrastructure Support & Monitoring

ITAF offers a range of tools that provide information, logging and monitoring on all kinds of infrastructure layers. From network to server OS monitoring, and from storage array checks to service checks. These tools provide support and visibility managed by the second and third line support team of network and system engineers.
There are several resolver groups:

  • Network specialists
  • Linux/Unix system specialists
  • Windows system specialists
  • Unified communications specialists
  • Microsoft services consultants
  • Security specialists

IT Support On-Site (ICT Field Services)

ITAF has 7 offices across Flanders & Brussels, this way, we are always close by! This is a perfect match both for organisations with multiple sites and offices headquartered near regional centers.

Our field services specialists, the ICT field engineers, will come on site to perform installations, repairs, changes and maintenance. Our offices:

IT Support Partner

Would You Like To Know More About ITAF Services?

To ensure that your company receives IT support quickly and efficiently, you can count on our specialists:

⬦ Service Desk

Premier customer service professionals ready to recognize the needs of interventions, implementations and consulting your business is in a need for.

⬦ Field Engineers

People who provide an on-site installations, repairs and configurations for the smooth workflow of your business' IT system.

⬦ IT and ICT Support Engineers and Consultants

Remote or on site assistance by our 2nd and 3rd line IT support engineers.

For more information about our IT Support services, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you!​

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