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Big IT in a small company

Big IT in a small company

Large companies in their IT departments have a whole army of experts. Each of them has its place and role – from technicians, through network administrators and developers, maintaining and improving, on daily basis IT infrastructure for business activities of the company. But what about small businesses?

Why should you hire an IT company for your small business?

Small businesses certainly do not have IT departments, which is quite normal and expected because their needs and possibilities do not justify such investment. Experience has shown that organizations with about a dozen PCs run quite well if they occasionally hire someone to solve current maintenance issues that goes beyond the knowledge and capabilities of the employees themselves. Also, companies with around 30 computers again have a clear need to hire someone who would daily deal with various issues in the field of information and communication technologies, not only at the level of ongoing maintenance but also at the level of development strategy and implementation of new technologies in the business environment

Managing the IT system

Whether you are a small, middle, or large business, managing the information system is essential for your company’s future prosperity. In most cases, strategic IT management is exclusively in the hands of those who manage the company – the director, often the owner of the company. His focus primarily aims to lead the core business in a sustainable direction, which implies the development of presence in the market and skillful balance between income and expenses. When information technologies are at stake, and especially today, in times of great challenges and many opportunities, a typical manager does not have enough time to have a thorough knowledge of all the opportunities offered and even less time to deal with strategic issues. In such an environment, there is a lack of good management in the field of applied information technologies at the enterprise level.

What is strategic management?

In today’s business environment, strategic management of information technology for each manager, whether he wants it or not, must be on a high-ranking priority scale. As a rule, hiring an IT expert is not an economical solution. Such expert has many years of experience, and certainly, not so little value on the market and an adequate high ambition. In a small business environment, its ability to operate is fairly narrow, and often a job from a strategic level where it should be, reduces to the continuing resolution of everyday problems of the second and third priority levels and in this situation nobody is satisfied.

At the level of small and medium-sized enterprises, efficient IT management in the company is almost impossible without the adequate participation of ICT providers. In fact, reliance on full outsourcing has a lot of economic justification in information systems of certain dimensions, which is most easily described by the number of workstations – the limit is about 50 computers.

In addition to the engagement that will handle daily routine maintenance of the system in operation, ITAF services are aimed at providing a wide range of technologies for the development and application of information technologies.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF offers a wide range of IT support & Cloud services. Service Desk: remote & on-site support, Monitoring 24/7 and daily backup control, Installation, configurations & repairs, Desktop, Server & infrastructure support, and IT Consultancy.

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