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The importance of communication networks started since internet and intranet technology constantly evolving and users looking for increasingly sophisticated services, communication networks must be able to support an increasing number of new devices and data, voice, and video applications with high bandwidth requirements. Many renowned network service providers, in collaboration with their partners, build high-quality, integrated, reliable, fault-tolerant, flexible, and efficient communication networks.

The solutions offered on the information market are usually based on the turnkey principle and cover all phases, from the analysis of the situation and the needs of the business organization through multi-dimensions, design, and implementation to the maintenance of communication networks.

The importance of data communication and networking is omnipresent among businesses and some of the networking solutions that are offered in today’s market include, but are not limited to:

Structured cabling

The need for a communication network includes the installation of high-quality passive network infrastructure, regardless of technological changes of active network devices and application solutions.


facilitating switching and routing processes that support network technology.

Datacenter networks

The data center is becoming more important today than ever before with requirements to improve productivity, accelerate business processes and effectively implement change achieved through a high-quality computer network.

Wireless networks

In practice, it requires the integration of wireless and wired networks into a single entity that supports all current standards and provides the necessary upgrade for the future capabilities and needs of the business organization.

Video conferencing: these solutions are very popular in a number of business organizations because they offer a great time and money savings.

VoIP / IP telephony

The use of single network infrastructure for data and voice traffic has many advantages, such as eliminating the need to maintain two separate systems (traditional telephony and communication network), reducing telephone costs, avoiding double cabling, and more.

Find out what to know before switching your business to VoIP


Fax transmission over the IP network increases productivity by 90% over traditional fax machines.

Network monitoring

Successful network monitoring starts with a well-designed network and continues with carefully selected and customized monitoring software tools. Control and management of large systems are very important to solve problems that affect network functions – availability, fault tolerance, and security

Network security

Networks have become a strategic place for business development and improvement, leading to the need to protect internal information systems at the network level

Network access control

is a solution that ensures that each endpoint complies with network security rules before granting access to network IT resources

Server virtualization and application technology

Following the trends in network technologies, many business organizations nowadays also work with technologies for the virtualization of resources and acceleration of the work of business applications.

The importance of communication networks in practice – business organizations do not need all the services defined in the previous paragraphs, and there are more, but each of these solutions requires superior knowledge of the different technologies involved and the ability to integrate different knowledge through the system solution.

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