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Field services for a functional workspace

Field services for a functional workspace

When you think of upgrading your business and moving it into an office space, you usually think of renting or buying a new place, and the next thought is focusing on office furniture. Later on, what comes to your mind are truly essential processes, such as choosing hardware and software solutions and implementing telecom and network infrastructure. These steps are often the most time-consuming ones and require professional field services to adjust the space to your infrastructure needs.
Setting up a workspace is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a series of activities – from implementing telecom and network infrastructure, delivering and installing hardware, to creating structured indoor and outdoor cabling. That is why many businesses decide to hire ICT field engineers to have their workspace set up completely. ITAF is focusing on providing perfect solutions for customers’ challenges through on-site IT Support.

Needs of a modern work environment

The modern work environment should attain excessive needs. It should be both functional and comfortable, and at the same time, it should look beautiful and clean. Some companies offer their employees more traditional, permanent workstations. Others opt for smaller or more flexible spaces, and they need a more creative model of the workplace. Both options require installing telecom and network infrastructure and proper cabling. They also require secure connections. When creating a functional workspace, you also need plumbing, installing windows and doors, painting interior and exterior walls, and equipment maintenance. Hiring professionals in all these areas can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why ITAF is offering the whole set of field services to their clients, so they can rely on them in creating a functional and appealing workspace.

Telecom and Network infrastructure

Telecom and Network infrastructure ensure businesses have effective connectivity and communication with users, equipment, and external networks. Crucial elements of network infrastructure are:
• cabling
• routers
• firewalls and security
• switches
• wireless equipment
• operating systems
• wi-fi

Cables and fibers

Cabling is the focal point of your network infrastructures. Cabling system is a channel to pass data, voice, and communication through. Cables connect crucial parts of equipment, and their purpose is to create a network that can function effectively. To achieve it, you need to have high-quality equipment. What you also need is a team able to answer the specific needs of your business. Cables can make your workspace look less appealing. However, their high functionality makes them necessary.
That’s why teams like ITAF use design thinking and organize cables in symbiosis with both facility and user. ITAF field engineers are implementing creative thinking in their actions – such as integrating cables into the floorplan and furniture choices. That way functionality and aesthetic appeal are both on point.

ITAF Field services provide the solutions for various cabling problems from puling electricity cables, implementing cabling in building and cable managing, installing energy pillars, and fixing bad cabling.

These are the services ITAF can provide customers with:
• Delivering/installing professional rack management services & hardware
• Structured indoor & outdoor cabling (Coax, copper, fiber)
• Fiber splicing & fiber termination capabilities
• Point-to-Point connections
• Optical measurement reporting
• On-site configurations and repairs

Making secure connections

Your Internet Service Provider places a modem that provides your devices with the internet. However, a professional environment requires more security, and that is where ITAF field services can help. They provide customers with a router connected to a firewall from their service center. They also provide the switch in case the customer has multiple devices, so the connections are secured. They also provide wi-fi connections and IP telephony by sending their engineers on the field.

How can ITAF help you?

Do You Need Our Field Engineers On-site? The right processes and solutions ITAF field services personnel will bring to your business can help you make your services run like clockwork.

For more information about ITAF field support, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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