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Major Advantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

Major Advantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

Internet is an ever-changing field that requires adjustment regularly. Creating a WordPress site that fits your company’s needs requires having in mind that the flexibility of a chosen design is essential. Not only that search engine algorithms change regularly, but the needs of your business may vary in time. When investing in website development, you should invest in a platform that will answer all your possible goals. For example, maybe your company does not need an online store today. However, in the future, you may need it, and having a website developed by professionals makes any later adjustment possible within the same platform.

WordPress is a platform that stands behind more than 34% of the existing websites. Read on to learn all the advantages of hiring a WordPress developer whether you want to create a new website or fix a website.

Technical Support

Although IT companies are starting to take a dominating role worldwide, most companies still come from a non-technical background. If your company is one of them, hiring a WordPress developer assures you that you have technical support in running your website.

The WordPress developer will not only help you with creation and support of your website. You can also ask the developer to guide you through the most common issues, troubleshoots, and errors such as syntax errors, internal server errors, 404, errors in establishing a database connection, connection timed out, white screen of death.


There is a common belief that anyone can create a WordPress website just by buying a theme and implementing it. However, when creating a website that will answer all your business needs, hiring a WordPress developer provides you with the knowledge of choosing plugins and implementing them. Theme customization is also one of the main benefits of hiring a WordPress developer. Updates and software patches for both theme and plugins are something that requires constant monitoring, extensive knowledge and previous experience. WordPress developers know which updates are necessary and will make your website have more functionalities and which not. Some updates may cause bugs, and any update should be monitored by a professional.

On top of everything, developers can create a mobile-optimized WordPress website since more and more users are using their mobile devices while visiting websites. A good website is readable on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and all other devices that can access the Internet.

Better functionality

Site speed and functionality lay on coding skills. WordPress developers can use several coding languages such as PHP, CSS, MYSQL, HTML. This expands the functionality and overall design of the website. WordPress websites created by professionals are using SSD hosting. This way, the WordPress websites are loaded a lot faster than with traditional hosting.

Technical Search Engine Optimization and web analytics

When ranking your website, search engines decide on how to rank it not only based on your content. It also analyses its technical optimization, site speed, and overall functionality, and user-friendliness. Experienced WordPress developers can answer all the main search engines requirement. The highest percentage of any website visit comes from search engines. You should do anything that is in your power to make your website rank well for search terms related to your business. Professional developers also tend to choose good SEO plugins such as Yoast that can help you create better-optimized content later.

Besides good search engine optimization, a connecting website to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other analytic tools is essential if you want to listen to your potential customers’ interests and needs and to create great content that will convert visitors to customers. This is the way to track the success of your campaigns. The same goes for connecting your website to your social media accounts and installing different tracking tags and codes such as Facebook pixel.

Data security

Hiring WordPress professionals means that the company you hired has its servers and will create a dedicated server for your data. They will also install all the security updates needed, ensuring the website is as secure as possible. Many companies that offer WordPress web design also offer back-up services to protect your website from cyber-attack. This is useful in case the site gets deleted or the loss of some data happens. Unintended coding mistakes may also harm your databases and that is when back-ups come quite helpful as well.

Saves time and brings creativity


Creating and keeping a large and probably complicated website safe and functional is time-consuming. Hiring professionals to do it saves your employees time to focus on activities that will bring more sales.

Your brand’s unique selling point (USP) is something that an experienced WordPress developer is aware of and can address. Based on it, they create a platform that fits it. It also brings visual creativity and great design standards. If you are not great at creative tasks it is better to leave it to professionals.

How can ITAF help you?

Whether you need a commercial website for your company or a website for the club or association, ITAF builds websites that meet the current requirements of the modern internet user. If you require help with the existing or new website, our specialized team will make sure that your online presence stays at its best.

For more information about ITAF web design & development, please contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

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