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Reasons to work with local IT support provider

Reasons to work with local IT support provider

The IT industry is ever-changing and with its fast development, businesses that operate in other industries find it harder and harder to keep track of it and to have stable and up-to-date IT infrastructures. That is where local IT support providers can help.

These are the main benefits of outsourcing your IT process to an external but local IT support company.

1# Reduce the need of hiring internal IT staff

The IT industry is extremely competitive. Skilled IT experts might be particularly challenging and expensive to hire in case tech is not your core industry. Hiring skilled IT employees may also be an expensive investment, especially in cases you do not need them on daily basis, but you are only utilizing them for some periods of the year, or during working on intensive projects. In such cases, having a full-time IT employee is not a cost-effective decision. That is where outsourcing IT support comes to the stage. IT partner can provide you with highly skilled professionals working on your IT infrastructure exactly when needed.

Also, the IT infrastructure needs of each business may be extensive and require professionals from different fields of IT. Instead of hiring several IT employees, you can rely on external IT services to provide you with all the stuff needed for every single project. Hiring a local IT provider means that you can also receive specific on-site support whenever needed.

2# Costs effectiveness

Outsourcing IT services locally means that you do not have to pay a full-time employee, but only invest in specific projects – based on the time IT professionals spent on them.

When choosing between a local and offshore IT provider there is also a common misconception that offshore providers are more cost-effective. However, even though the hourly rates of offshore providers may be cheaper, local IT providers can stay up to date with the deliverability of each project and adjust on-site. These additional adjustments from offshore IT support that is usually remote, often end up costing more than if you had opted for a local trusted IT provider.

3# Dedicated professional resources

Working with different IT support providers means repetitive presenting of the same issues to someone who has little or no background about your business’s IT infrastructure. Opting for a trusted local IT service means building a working relationship with a dedicated team of professionals that builds, improves, and monitors your IT infrastructure.

Choosing a local IT support means having someone who knows everything about your IT infrastructure just a call away with the ability to be on-site within an hour in case of emergencies such as outages or any specific technical issues.

Local IT services mean that you work with a company that can physically send someone to your office. That is a benefit that does not come with long-distance companies. This way, you know exactly who is responsible for your data and network security and who is operating with your company’s valuable information.

4# Better understanding of your needs

A local IT support provider is in your area. This means that they have a higher level of understanding of the business legislative and procedures, and your customer’s needs. They may be more in line with your company’s culture or circumstances in which your company operates.

5# 24/7 monitoring

Although most IT providers may offer you constant monitoring of your IT infrastructure, it makes a lot more sense when the provider can react to any incident as soon as possible. This is one of the main benefits of local IT service providers.

6# On-site IT services

Even though the pandemic brought the rise of remote work worldwide, many advanced IT issues cannot be fixed remotely. Opting for local IT support means the ability to have an IT technician on-site and fix any issue. That way, the problem is addressed faster, and your employees can get back to other priorities.

7# Focus on your business

Specialized IT support partners are focused on IT infrastructures, and they are always working on optimizing the performance. The IT industry is ever-changing and requires a lot of expertise. Having a business whose core industry is not IT and investing in IT staff available to keep track of all news from this dynamic industry may be challenging, expensive, and out of your business’s focus. Not only that – a good IT infrastructure requires additional investment in high-quality hardware, space in data centers, and a lot of technological adjustments. That is why the decision to outsource your IT processes may be just the right decision for you to focus your resources on your core products and services.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF is a local ICT provider from Belgium that has its offices and service centers spread across the country, in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, Turnhout, Roeselare, and Tielt.

Working in the proximity of its customers makes it capable of fast reactions to any IT incident, but also building long-lasting partnerships built on creating, expanding, and monitoring their IT infrastructures. ITAF operates with 70 employees, consultants, and specialists with expertise in network, Linux/Unix, Windows system, unified communications, Microsoft services, and IT security.

It provides you with complete IT infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring, along with its service desk and IT field engineers always ready to support you on-site.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced IT provider in Belgium, Contact ITAF for complete and local IT support.

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