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How to cut electricity costs of IT infrastructure

Energy costs are skyrocketing. This situation affects not only consumers but also businesses. Businesses that operate with complex IT infrastructures and from various locations feel en effect of this on an even larger scale. IT infrastructure is a vital part of business infrastructure. It is also one of the largest consumers of electricity. That’s why many businesses nowadays search for a way to cut costs of IT infrastructure.

Cutting electricity costs of IT infrastructure is related to various changes organizations can make. One of the biggest game changers is migrating on-premises servers to the cloud.

Identifying devices you use that are coming to their end-of-life is also a good move. These devices usually spend too much electricity.

As an IT partner, we are happy to help you to cut your electricity costs. We will sum up all the ways you can save money by cutting energy costs.

Migrating to the cloud cuts electricity costs

Many businesses still own one or more physical servers at their premises. On-premises servers affect higher energy usage and higher costs. For example, it is usual and good for safety to have an automatic backup scheduled for each day. To backup data properly, your server must be turned on 24/7, so you would not risk your backup failing. Depending on the size of the server, this can become quite costly.

Migrating to the cloud is the best solution for saving energy and having a more secure IT infrastructure foundation. This way servers are managed by professionals. Servers are securely hosted in data centers instead of your offices.

ITAF has broad experience in helping its partners migrate to the cloud.

When helping our partners to migrate to the ITAF Cloud, we can correctly estimate the required resources for virtual platforms. Customers only pay for what is necessary.

When migrating to the Cloud, an organization does not need physical space for the servers or to provide them with power.

In addition, migration to the cloud has many other advantages. It includes improved business continuity. The cloud grows along with your company.

Let us give a small calculation example: Based on experience, you can easily save up to 60% on IT power consumption by migrating to the cloud.

A physical server consumes between 100 and 500W of power. Depending on the age, model, and load of the server.

If an average server consumes 200W, and the yearly cost only to provide it with electricity, comes close to 1611 EUR, seeing the current prices.

Upgrade of network equipment

It is not uncommon for the network equipment of the organization to be outdated. These outdated systems have some capacity on board, but they usually may not be fully utilized. Therefore, they consume a significant amount of electricity.

The upgrade of network equipment can lead to cost savings. For example, the recent model of routers is 50% more energy efficient.

Network costs are a significant share of overall expenses. This is especially applicable to telecom services costs. To cut telephony costs, review and renegotiate your telecom infrastructure. Switch to cloud telephony software to make sure to cut telecom costs. For example, telephony systems such as 3CX cut the overall cost of phone bills by 80%

Check the lifecycle of your equipment

Recent technologies are without any doubt more cost-effective than the old ones. Usually, organizations have decommissioned, or out-of-date equipment attached to their networks. Organizations also rarely do periodic reviews of their IT devices. The devices that are old or not active also use more electricity. Therefore, businesses pay the costs for them as well. Removing outdated equipment is a crucial step toward energy efficiency.

ITAF works closely with its customers to ensure they have the latest technology. ITAF also provides clients with proactive management over existing devices and 24/7 monitoring. That leads to timely reactions to incidents or situations when equipment is outdated or broken. Feel free to contact us if parts of your IT infrastructure need replacement and updating to more energy-efficient solutions.

How can ITAF help you cut costs of IT infrastructure?

ITAF can help you migrate to the cloud. Migration to the cloud can significantly decrease your electricity costs. We are happy to calculate what this can mean for your electricity costs on an annual basis. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

ITAF can also provide you with the latest generation hardware and 3CX, cloud telephony software. These solutions are more energy efficient and boost your operational productivity. Contact us for the latest generation of hardware and software.

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