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5 Benefits of opting for a regional cloud hosting platform

5 Benefits of opting for a regional cloud hosting platform

One of the main reasons for cloud migration for companies is minimizing the number of local storage and computing resources. Opting for a cloud hosting platform shifts from traditional, costly, and space-consuming usage of on-site equipment. However, when deciding to migrate to the cloud, there is a common dilemma if it is better to opt for a regional/local cloud hosting platform, or a global one.

ITAF is an experienced cloud and hosting provider that can provide you with the Dynamic Cloud Platform. Dynamic Cloud Platform contains CPU (central processing unit), disk space, and memory – components that a customer can rent from the physical infrastructure of ITAF in a datacenter. The customer does not have to think about their hardware, renew it, or buy anything infrastructure-related.

In this article, we will compare local versus global cloud platforms. The blog will also explain the main benefits of opting for a locally hosted cloud platform such as a Dynamic Cloud Platform.

Knowing where your data is

When you are using cloud platforms such as Azure or Amazon, your data is managed externally, and you do not know where on the globe your servers are. With the global insecurities such as wars or natural disasters, knowing that your servers are hosted in datacenters in your country can seem like a more secure solution. Dynamic Cloud Platform is available to Belgian companies and is being managed locally and regionally.

IT Security

When you choose to go for a local cloud hosting service, not only that you know in which datacenters your servers are, but you can also be assured that the data is properly backed up on another location in your country.

ITAF’s Dynamic Cloud Platform is securely backed up in datacentres throughout Belgium where ITAF have their presence. The datacenters in which ITAF have their presence are close enough to provide you with the best speed and performance, and far enough to make sure that the same natural disasters or outages cannot affect them all.

Working with a local company also means that they are aware of the regional threats at each moment. They are also familiar with local legislation, enabling you to meet important regulatory and compliance requirements.

Speed of data traveling

Networks are improving these days, but if your network is on the other continent, there is no denying that data might travel slower. Opting for Belgium hosted cloud platform provides you with instant availability of your data. The local cloud provides better connectivity because data travels over a shorter distance, which leads to less lag in transmission. This also leads to better-performing applications, from employee communication apps to more complex software.


While choosing cloud platforms such as Azure or Amazon includes accepting one of their programs for already defined prices, locally sourced cloud platforms such as the Dynamic Cloud Platform are sized and crafted specifically for your business needs, and they are therefore more cost-effective. Not only that, but they are more dynamic – the virtual machine can be adjusted/resized up to the size you need at any time. If the customer needs more space on servers, they can easily increase their cloud capacity without having to invest in extra physical infrastructure.

Superb and instant support

If you are using global cloud platforms – If you have an issue, you must open a support case and wait for a response. It is different from working with local IT infrastructure partners such as ITAF. Local hosting providers have a more customer-first-oriented and personal approach. If you are ITAF’s partner, you can always get someone on the phone and get immediate support and information. ITAF provides you with 24/7 monitoring of your virtual machine and has advanced incident mechanisms. ITAF is also an IT security partner, so you can be sure that the backup security of your cloud is always ensured.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF’S Cloud specialist team will identify ways to optimize your access to the cloud and provide you with a cloud storage platform perfectly crafted for your business needs. Contact ITAF and outsource your physical infrastructure to the cutting-edge and cost-effective virtual machine hosted in Belgium.

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