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How can 3CX benefit your business?

How can 3CX benefit your business

When it comes to increasing productivity, reducing business travel and telephony costs, streamlining operations, and improving customer service, there is a solution that covers it all. 3CX is a simple, affordable, and flexible VoIP phone system and unified communication system that offers easy management, configuration, and hardware compatibility.

3CX telephony can answer different needs, from mobility to advanced customer service features. It is easily manageable and can be used on-premises or in the cloud.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are adapting to working from home, and 3CX made collaborating effectively, staying connected, and boosting the productivity of remote work possible. 3CX move voice communication from public telephone services to the internet. It makes sharing multimedia faster and more affordable. It also makes call control better and allows conferencing.

Choosing a phone system requires detailed consideration. Let’s go through the most important 3CX telephony features, that align with your companies needs and will benefit your business.

Cut your phone bill and IT costs

In the times of the Covid19 pandemic, cutting costs is essential to many businesses. 3CX is quite effective as it cuts the overall cost of phone bills by 80%. It uses SIP trunks so that anyone can plug into the PBX. It also eliminates communication costs that come from interoffice calls. Since remote working requires making calls out of the office spaces, this system eliminates those costs, as well.

3CX system can be deployed on existing hardware such as a virtual machine or in the cloud. This eliminates the need to spend money on expensive VoIP hardware.

3CX is also great because it represents a zero-admin solution. It eliminates the need for OS admin as it provides automatic updates. It is much easier to set it up and support remote teams without further investing in the system. Time spent on setting up PBX can be used for more productive tasks that bring sales. It is also free for unlimited extensions.

Take total control over your phone system

Unlike some other systems, 3CX lets you take total control over your phone system by providing various features. It includes chat, fax, email, web, and video conferencing options, mobile device clients, click-to-call functionality so you do not need to use any additional add-ons. All these features are a standard package that you can use from a user-friendly platform.
3CX is easily integrated with SIP trunk providers. It also has advanced security features, so it gets automatic updates and IP blacklists. It can be deployed both in the cloud or on-site with different operating systems.


3CX is an open system that easily integrates with popular CRM software and Office 365. It boosts productivity through call pop-ups and journals and has a Click2Call extension both for Chrome and Firefox, so numbers can be dialed up from the websites simply by clicking on them.


Traditional telecommunication depends on wiring and rewiring. With 3CX you can expand your existing infrastructure without rewiring. Adding and removing phone lines becomes as simple as adding or removing an email – without any additional hardware or add-on.

Work from anywhere

Switching to remote work has become a new norm for many companies. 3CX covers this kind of situation too, by including Android and iOS apps that allow employees to receive and make calls to their office numbers on their mobile devices. These applications also include features such as visual voice mailing, video conferencing, and recording. Virtual PBX makes communication possible even in situations of power outages and disasters.

Improve customer service

3CX improves your customer service by helping you to be able to pick up calls from anywhere. It includes a multi-channel feature and allows customers to hang up and have their position in the queue. 3CX always shows caller ID and monitors the number of unanswered calls. If the customer is waiting beyond the service level agreement, 3CX sends your customer service an alert. It also addresses agents’ performance issues by reviewing the waiting time of any customer. 3CX provides you with the benefit of transferring voicemails to emails, using Google Speech to transcribe voice messages. It saves a lot of time for your customer service.

App-Free Video Conferencing

3CX cloud-hosted phone provides you with an app-free video conferencing solution with unlimited users and features. It is compatible with many phones that come with onboard video capabilities – such as Yealink VP59.

How can ITAF help?

ITAF can provide first-hand assistance and support in establishing the 3CX system within your company. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Windows or Linux, integration with CRM or ERP, you will be provided with 24/7 support and monitoring.

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