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How Yealink Solutions can help business processes

How Yealink Solutions can help business processes

The way we meet and communicate with other people throughout all levels of business infrastructure may never be the same. Meeting face to face has become much rarer, while online conference meetings and so-called hybrid meetings are dominating and are showing increased efficiency. Working remotely has made secure connections and telephony imperative. That is why online conference solutions and IP telephony are more important today than ever and choosing the solutions that cover all remote and secure connections available such as Yealink became an important part of modern business management.
Here are some of the ways Yealink solutions can be beneficial for your business and how ITAF can help you implement them.

Online video conferences

Video Conferencing became the first choice when it comes to calling between sites. It became the cost-effective alternative for face-to-face meetings, and Yealink solutions allow customers to organize online meetings for various subjects from any place, connecting different devices.

Solution for all environments

Hybrid meetings are meetings where a part of the audience joins from the office while other participants join remotely. The perfect solutions for this kind of meeting are Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms as well as Yealink Zoom Rooms. These bundles are designed for all environments, from focus and small to medium or large conference rooms. When it comes to small and huddle rooms, meeting bars are also a great solution.

Compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Once you develop your business infrastructure, all hardware you use should be compatible with your software for impeccable workflow. Yealink video conferencing solutions come with Microsoft Teams or Zoom integrated, depending on your needs.
Yealink MVC series are room systems optimized for Microsoft Teams and Skype for business. Yealink MVC800II, for example, is a dedicated MTR room system for medium and large meeting rooms, including two or three microphones, a high-quality camera, mini-PC to meet the requirements of your team’s meeting.

When it comes to meeting bars, Yealink meeting bar A20 combines a computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It comes integrated with Microsoft Teams.
Meeting room bundles are also available with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Yealink offers two Zoom Rooms kits (such as Yealink CP960) and meeting bars (such as Yealink Meeting Bar A20 Zoom Edition).

Costs reducing

Conferencing systems cut traveling costs, making efficient business managing possible worldwide remotely. They are also a great asset for cutting IT costs and saving your employer’s time. They come with integrated easy to deploy and use systems, so they do not require investing any additional work.

VoIP Telephony

Voice over IP was developed to provide access to voice communication no matter where the sides are located. It also reduces costs. One of the first tasks for anyone starting a business is to ensure that there is a reliable telephony system in the company, no matter how small or big it is. A reliable phone system depends on both good systems, such as reliable 3CX software and compatible hardware.

Yealink SIP phones

Yealink T3 and T5 series IP phones have an impressive performance and are capable to extend more services for different business demands. They deliver excellent sound quality without extraneous noises and allows fluent conversations. These series are simple to deploy and manage, which allows a significant reduction in the operation and maintenance cost.

Yealink T5 series even allows seamless synchronization of mobile contacts with a desktop phone. It also lets users connect and pair a standard Bluetooth headset. This makes it possible to access mobile phone contacts or call a skype contact, directly from a desktop phone.

Personal Collaboration tools

Creating a functional and efficient workspace requires good personal organization, besides implementing video conferencing and telephony equipment. Yealink personal collaboration tools are simplifying workspace to everyone, providing the full range of devices including a headset, a wireless speakerphone that can be used by 4 people at a time, and the camera that can be used in an open office, home office, private office, and on-the-go.

Wireless headsets such as WH67, for example, turn your headset into a UC workstation. If Microsoft Teams is your UC platform, ITAF has a Teams-certified variant for you.

Headsets such as Yealink UH33 with the over-the-head style eliminate background noise and helps you get in your concentration zone and focus. They have easy access at your fingertips via the intuitive control unit to the frequently used functions, such as accept incoming calls, adjust volume, and mute the microphone.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF provides a full circle of services when it comes to any company’s requirements for online video conferencing and IP telephony. From supplying with the best quality equipment as Yealink’s partner, ITAF will help you choose the best solution for your business. ITAF also has software specialists who will help you implement your business infrastructure and create the most efficient workspace possible.

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