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Benefits of cloud telephony for business use

Benefits of cloud based telephony for business use

Business communications are getting increasingly complicated due to the changed working conditions. Remote working became the choice of so many companies, and a lot of work is being done from home, on the road, and on client sites. 20th-century telephony infrastructure cannot keep up with the new working conditions. That is where cloud telephony in combination with phone systems such as 3CX takes over.

Here are some of the basics of cloud telephony and the benefits of choosing cloud telephony for business.

What is cloud-based telephony?

Cloud refers to software and services available to you on the internet. You do not have to house equipment in your offices. ITAF is an ICT partner that provides you with the 3CX telephony software and hardware components running from their regional cloud platform– the Dynamic Cloud Platform.

Cloud phones also known as cloud PBX, hosted PBX, and hosted phone systems are phone systems accessible over a cloud-based IP network (or over a public internet). They are hosted and stored digitally. This means that your offices do not store a central server – you use servers from data centers, and there are also no wires and tapes in your business building.

What are the benefits of cloud-based telephony?

You are free of on-site telephony equipment

When opting for telephony software such as 3CX you do not need a PBX box or any cables in your offices. Not only that but having 3CX outsources the processes of equipment maintenance and software upgrades.

Cloud business telephony does not depend on a location

When you are using cloud telephony, you are available to answer calls, access voicemail, and check call activity whenever you are connected to the internet. You do not depend on a location, as it were in the on-premises business telephony.

A traditional on-premises phone system is more vulnerable to outages since it depends on one location. Cloud-based telephony is hosted in data centers across the country. If there is an outage in one data center, your data is safe in the other one and you can continue using your phone system.

Cloud telephony cost less

When you opt for cloud telephony, you do not buy hardware, nor do you manage and maintain it. You can use cloud telephony software such as 3CX from the hardware you already own, such as desktop computers and mobile devices. Licencing and implementation are being taken care of by your telephony partner. This way, your business telephony is active without the need for expensive hardware, servers, and network upgrades.

Cloud telephony is flexible

Adding extensions or numbers is easily manageable by users. Whether you work from one building, or your team works from different remote locations, hosted VoIP allows everyone to operate from a single communication system. You can also add as many users as you need. The cloud can grow as your company grows, and cloud platforms such as Dynamic Cloud Platform make it possible.

Does your business need a cloud phone?

If you run a small or medium-sized business, telephony such as 3CX can help you since it can run on limited IT resources and is more cost-effective. 3CX provides you with secure and reliable connections even if you do not have a dedicated IT security department – since the application is managed by a third-party IT partner.

Enterprises can also benefit from 3CX, because of its flexibility and ease of implementation. This way, their IT departments do not have to deal with telephony and can focus on activities crucial for the overall business strategy.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF is the ICT partner that can provide you with everything you might need to implement cloud telephony.

  • They can supply you with 3CX licenses yearly.
  • ITAF stores and manages your cloud-based phone system at the regionally hosted Dynamic Cloud Platform.
  • ITAF provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your telephony system.
  • Timely security patching is included so that your system is secure from any intrusions.

Contact ITAF if you want to implement 3CX telephony in your business IT infrastructure.

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