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Crucial steps of security audit

Crucial steps of security audit to protect your IT infrastructure

Do you know how secure your IT infrastructure is? These days, due to global uncertainties, IT security became a hot topic. A thorough security audit is a pillar of a secure business IT infrastructure. Based on a detailed security audit, the necessary measures to protect business IT infrastructures can be planned and executed.

ITAF is a security partner that can perform a broad perspective security audit for your organization and discover its pain points after which they can tailor and perform security measures specifically for your organization. A security audit is done through two phases – an on-site survey and an ICT security audit.

These are the main points and benefits of a thorough security audit.

On-site survey

During this stage of a security audit, ITAF’s security specialists will visit your organization on-site. During the visit, they will check several security points.

The main benefit of this stage of the audit is checking out if there is any possibility of malicious intrusion, and how data loss-proof your offices are.

Itaf specialists firstly do a check of

  • security camera on the parking and building entrance
  • control of who is entering the offices
  • control of who can access the data and server room (if any on-site).

If a malicious intruder comes to your offices, you also want to make sure that the levels of protection on devices your employees are using are extremely high.

Secure Wi fi networks are also an important part of an on-site security system.

These are only a few important points of security checks performed on-site and the main goal is to create a protection plan that will make your business building as safe as possible when it comes to IT security risks.

ICT security audit

ICT security audit covers the logical stage of IT security. That is a thorough phase of audit from an ICT perspective of view. ITAF’s security specialists are performing several check-ups to make sure that your business ICT structures are safe. These are the main points of an ICT security audit:

  • Internet connection security, wi-fi, and guest net accesses: Securing your internet connections from intruders is one of the basic precaution measures to prevent data leaking and loss
  • Software patching on desktop and server levels: each software is prone to having small errors and bugs in it, and software development companies are regularly producing updates and patches to make apps better. Any bug in the software, big or small, can be used by a malicious intruder to infest the specific app with the virus or to harm your IT environment.
  • Real-time monitoring – timely reaction to any security incident might be crucial in preventing malicious attacks. That is why the check-up of your monitoring system is an important part of the audit.
  • Identity and access management is another important part of the audit, especially when it comes to password policies, 2 Factor authentication, and the password manager your business is using (if any).
  • Email security is an important level of cyber security, and it is contained of using advanced mailing protection and multifactor authentication
  • Backups (from endpoint backup to Microsoft 365 backup) – Backup is a necessary process for data to be restored from an earlier point in time to help your data recovery from an unplanned event. Security audit involves checking if all your data is properly backed up.
  • Security awareness of your employees is one of the pillars of IT security. Security audit includes several check-ups of your employee’s awareness including their ability to recognize online threats such as phishing attacks.
  • Communication security, especially when it comes to VPNs and certificates is another vulnerability point that requires checking in depth.

Securing your IT infrastructure

Once a security analysis is done from a physical and ICT point of view, ITAF’s security specialists will do a detailed review of the results and prepare advisory documentation that will inform you about each vulnerability point possible.

Based on this advisory document, ITAF can provide you with a security solution that will prevent any incidents.

How can ITAF help you?

Contact ITAF for a complete security audit, and the security solutions crafted specifically for your organization based on all the vulnerability points discovered. Secure your IT infrastructure from scratch.

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