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Management and information security comes as very important steps in securing your workstations and users. Detect and respond to cyber-attacks before your critical data is compromised.

What is the difference between
anti-virus and anti-malware?

An advanced anti-virus and anti-malware solution for your business.

Anti-virus focuses on prevention, protecting a machine by stopping it from becoming infected in the first place. Anti-malware, however, is geared towards rooting out and destroying malicious programs that have already been downloaded and activated. While there is a lot of crossovers between the two tools, many security experts advise using both antivirus and anti-malware tools together in order to maximise protection.

How can ITAF help you with implementing the anti-virus and anti-malware software?

Whether it is about the protection for your end-points or more specialized layer of defense specifically designed to fight the ransomware and Trojans, ITAF will provide you a first-class service and consultancy in guarding your devices/operating systems from exploits and viruses.

Secure Desktop Management

The role of integrated desktop management
keeping your organisation’s endpoints secured

Secure and integrated desktop management is getting more important since GDPR has been introduced.

The key features of ITAF’s  integrated desktop management:


Integrated desktop management allows you to manage software licenses, track software usages, detect and uninstall prohibited software. Next to this it can alert on specific events and track all end user computers deployed across a network providing hardware and software audit data.


Service Desk operator can quickly establish a remote connection to the desktop of an end-user and provide the necessary support.


An integrated desktop management solution allows for fast distributing of software packages to all end-points. The software gets installed in the computers without the user's intervention.


Reports about asset management, software usage, software licenses compliance.

Desktop security patching

Periodical patching of vulnerabilities of the OS and 3rd party software

Desktop security patching automates the instalment of patches on device levels. Patches are regularly provided by software developers. Individual users may postpone updates on their desktops, which leaves systems vulnerable to security faults, and poses a threat to the confidentiality or availability of the customer’s data. ITAF as an IT Security partner checks for updates regularly and makes sure that the patches are installed in the background. Key features:

• Automated installation of security patches on end user computers covering Microsoft and Mac patches as well as widely used third-party applications like Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox, Java.
• Full control over when patches are downloaded and installed in the background. The only action required by users is to reboot the system once the installation is done.
• Full visibility and reporting on patch deployment & status

Mac and Windows software patch policies and deployment schedules


• For Microsoft products, only patches marked as Security Updates by Microsoft are installed.
• For Mac and 3rd party products, only patches marked as Critical, Important or Moderate are installed
• The ability for users to delay the deployment and/or associated reboot of their computers up to a specified maximum number of days
• This policy is subject to change at any given moment in time without the requirement for ITAF to pro-actively inform the customer

Server Security Patching

What does server security patching include?

 • Monitoring and implementation of security updates on the server systems of a customer
• The server operating systems and third party software is being patched on a permanent basis.
• For Windows, automated security patching runs on a weekly basis. This service delivers updates for Microsoft operating systems and other Microsoft software products for which Microsoft provides a security update service.

Secure Data Disposal

Companies can not just throw away their old equipment as they like or pass them to the third party companies due to the associated data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance and environmental risks/policies with it. For disposal of outdated IT assets such as servers, hard drives, storage, networking and other data center equipment, ITAF is providing a secure environment friendly data disposal service with a comprehensive solution for data security following all the International Security Standards.

How can ITAF help you with Secure data disposal?

Hardware registration – You can contact ITAF support and after the completion of registration, we will set an inventory to capture your outdated IT assets’ serial numbers, models and quantities.
On site data destruction – At ITAF we have well trained and experienced professionals, that can assist you in selecting the most secure and suitable method of destroying your data. We also offer on-site & off-site services such as: data wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding.
Hardware recycling – To guarantee zero landfill, zero incineration, ITAF utilizes recognized green solutions. We ensure that all the materials are processed in an eco-friendly manner to maximize the re-use of all the components.
Secure data disposal acknowledgement – At the end of the process, ITAF’s team will provide full documentation, acknowledging that the Data was destroyed and/or your outdated IT assets were recycled according to the industry’s best practice.

Pricing Options

Secure Desktop

/per desktop
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Support
  • Software Deployment
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • GDPR

Desktop Security

/per desktop
  • Automated installation
  • Security Updates by Microsoft
  • Critical, Important or Moderate
  • Delayed deployment
  • Associated computer reboot

Server Security

/per server
  • Weekly security patching
  • Official Microsoft updates
  • Update failure notification
  • Other software exclusion
  • Correactive actions tracking

IT Infrastructure Security Services Partner

Hold Your Infrastructure in Safe Hands

With managed security, you’re able to focus on strategic security priorities, as the provider manages the day-to-day threat management, data protection, and ongoing compliance requirements.

As your trusted security partner, ITAF Managed Security Services offers around-the-clock monitoring, management and response to advanced threats, risks and compliance requirements.

For more information about ITAF Managed Security Services please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you!

Better to be safe than sorry.

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