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Things to consider when choosing a printer for your business

Things to consider when choosing a printer for your business

Choosing a printer for your business is an investment that should be carefully considered. From choosing whether to rent or buy, to picking the right solution with all necessary features, choosing a printer should be a layered decision.

Based on ITAF’s experience in providing Xerox printers to multiple organizations, and businesses, here are the crucial points you should consider when choosing a printer solution.

1# Buying or Leasing

Renting and leasing

Renting a printer means that you do not have to pay a large amount of money at once. It also provides you with a contract that usually includes toner refills and costs related to printer maintenance. When you buy printers, refilling is your responsibility. Not only that, but at the end of the renting contract, you can choose to upgrade to a new copier, without having to worry about selling an old printer or getting rid of it.

The main difference between renting and leasing is in the length of an agreement. While renting is related to long-term agreements, leasing is usually for a brief period that you need a printer for.


Buying is a more cost-effective solution for some. When you only rent a printer; it does not belong to you at the end of a contract. Buying is an investment in a printer that you have ownership over. It means the decision of maintaining or replacing it is up to you, too.

Decision on what is better for you depends on the specific need of your business, the approximate volume of the copies needed, and the functionalities you need.

2# Functions

When choosing the best printer for your business, always consider the functions you might need.

Space-saving and cost-effectiveness

Nowadays, buying or renting a printer that is a printer, copier, scanner, and fax all in one became imperative of space-saving and cost-effectiveness. Instead of having 4 machines, most modern printer solutions such as Xerox provide you with multifunction printers.

Color or monochrome

Monochromatic printers are a faster and better choice if you need to print documents organization-wide. Color printers are more expensive when it comes to maintenance and are a better choice if you do not print a high volume of copies and need a printer for design and similar purposes.


If you need more than one printer, operate from various locations, or have employees that work remotely, networking between printers is an especially important addition to your business infrastructure. Printers that support the cloud allow employees to switch back and forth among printers and to print and share files from one location to another.

3# Support

The self-managing print environment takes time, it can be costly and requires dedicated human resources, especially if the organization is consisting of multiple teams. That is where managed print solutions come to the stage. The company that is leasing or renting a printer usually offers complete support during the contract period. That way, the complexity of reducing costs and centralized management of printers is not your responsibility, and you can focus on growing your organization instead. When choosing printer solutions, look for dedicated expert support and an organization that can take care of all your devices, processes, security, and documents.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF is a Xerox partner that can provide your organization with a wide range of Xerox printers and print services. You can rent a Xerox via ITAF. In case you decide that your organization wants to buy a Xerox printer, ITAF can provide it to you, too. Our experts will analyze your business’s specific needs and printing volumes and come to the best solution for you.

ITAF provides toners automatically as a part of the package, along with the transport of printers to your location, and free unpacking, installation, and staff training, whether you choose to buy or rent a printer. Choosing to buy a Xerox via ITAF provides you with 5 years warranty and free hardware recycling. In the case of renting or leasing, ITAF provides you with maintenance and support during the contract period.

Xerox multifunction printers are cloud-optimized, have tablet touchscreens, have an option of creating and personal profiles that save each team member’s preferences. ITAF’s print services provide you with document management, which helps reduce costs.

Contact ITAF if you want to rent a Xerox, buy a Xerox, or if you need expert help in deciding what solution is the better fit for your organization.

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