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How Cloud Print Helps you in Corona Times

How Cloud Print Helps you in Corona Times

In 2020 not only our habits were changed due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Entire organizations and businesses from different niches had to change their workflow and adjust it to the new circumstances. Working from home increased the demand of making every process more secure from data breaches. Reduced volume of business in some niches made cutting costs essential. Both demands are related to every part of the business process, including printing. The global statistic shows that the average employee prints 8874 pages per year. Printing costs can get out of hand. With remote working, data breaches due to print out of the office can happen. That’s why cloud print and managed print services are essential in Corona times.


In 2019, 59% of businesses had print-related data loss. The situation during the global pandemic is getting even worse. Devices full of confidential data are being used outside the offices. All network-connected devices can be hacked. Data breaches can happen not only through hacking but through sending scanned data to someone outside the organization. Unsecured printer settings can reduce the security of any document. Since more people are working from home due to the spread of coronavirus, there is a growing demand to send data to print from external sources.

Making printers more secured became a prerogative. The growth of data accessibility raises security concerns as well. Managed printer services are crucial to make your printer secure and minimize the potential for lost data. Not only that through managed printing you can keep track of every time someone accesses your cloud, but you can restrict access only to authorized users inside the organization. Managed print services help you stay alert to every threat possible. It provides security patches. When it comes to remote printing and its vulnerable security, managed print services provide VPN platforms on protected servers to prevent hacking.

Cost reducing

In some industries, the usage of printers during the corona times is reduced. In others, although the need to using printer services is not any lower, the demand to cut general costs became crucial. That is another area in which managed print services helps us. It helps us control spend while still ensuring we have the devices needed for our employees to work.

A dedicated account manager for managed print services will work with you to reduce costs and create a package that allows you to pay for what you use. With managed print services, you will not clutter toners, ink, or paper and spend money for it – they will be delivered to you when needed.

Managing your print can drain your resources that should focus on business growth and more important tasks that bring more money to your organization. That is why it is useful to outsource it via managed print services. They offer centralized and expert management.

Managed print services also assume using fewer devices – therefore, it lowers costs and reduces energy consumption.

Using cloud print results in not spending as much paper and ink as usual – after scanning, employees often send the document to an email and therefore cut costs of the printing.

Cloud print and growth of information accessibility

While using cloud optimized printers before was just an option, in 2020, it became crucial. This trend will continue during 2021 as well. Cloud printing enables everyone from the organization to access printers from anywhere over a network through cloud computing. Working from home and not having your employees centralized in one office created a demand to make printing available from wherever they work. Cloud optimized printers work more efficiently and faster. If you scan documents, they will go directly to your cloud, and your employees can choose whether they want to send it via email or to print it. Cloud makes information more accessible to workers than ever before, which is very useful at times of global pandemic.

How can ITAF help

Itaf provides high-class cloud print supported printers that suit any small, medium, or large business needs. Alongside the high-quality printers, ITAF provides you with expert advice on which printer to choose. If you have old equipment, they offer free recycling. Toners and repro materials are sent to you for free as a part of ITAF managed printer services. On top of all that, you can count on their 24/7 support. If the printer is broken, they will repair it for free within two working days.

For more information about ITAF managed print services, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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