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Managed Print Services – it’s so much more than printer, toner, and service

Managed Print Services

If you think Managed Print Services is just another word for basic break-fix and consumables services, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride. Today’s Managed Print Services help you streamline business processes, gain deep business insights and drive your digital transformation.

Imagine partnering with a provider who delivers the actionable insights and recommendations to automate and simplify your document workflows coupled with a blueprint to carefully execute workflow integration — all without any disruptions or risks as you make the transition.

Your print environment – a goldmine of cost-saving

Cost control is a perennial challenge for all organisations. Every line of business wants to reduce spending – without compromising on vital factors like productivity, customer service, and innovation.

IT is a major focus of cost-control initiatives, because technology advances continually bring new opportunities to save. But one aspect of IT is often overlooked as an area for cost saving potential: the print environment.

4 ways to save with Managed Print Services

1. Centralised management 

Cut down on the time and resources you spend managing your print environment. Simplify purchasing, maintenance, supplies, and billing.

Managing your print environment can drain time, budget and resources – particularly when a complex organisation is managed by multiple teams with no central control. Managed print services dramatically reduce complexity and cost, providing expert, centralised management of everything from procurement and installation to maintenance and supply, so you can focus more of your resources on growing your business.

2. Device Optimisation

Ensure your people have the right devices – no more, no less. Trim energy consumption and spending through reduced paper, ink and toner use.

Without centralised management, organisations tend to accumulate different devices from various vendors. The result is a fleet of legacy devices that waste paper, ink and energy.
Rationalising the print environment can dramatically simplify management by replacing many different models of printers, scanners and copiers with a smaller number of multifunction devices from a single vendor.

The cost saving potential is clear: fewer devices means lower maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption (not to mention a smaller environmental footprint).
With managed print services, you can consolidate spend and cut costs, while still ensuring you have the right devices with the capabilities your people need to work freely.

3. Process Efficiency

Accelerate print processes on-site and on the go, and use preventative and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime.

With a third of all work processes still relying on documents, the more you enable people to print faster and more easily, the more efficient and productive they’ll be. And with as many as 60% of calls to the IT help desk looking for troubleshooting for print-related problems, it’s not just office workers that will be freed up to focus on more important tasks.

4. Document Management

Digitise paper files and automate bulk and routine print jobs, so your people are free to spend more time on the things that really matter.

The smartest managed print solution doesn’t just help you print more efficiently, it also helps you cut down on the amount you have to print at all. And digitised files make it easier for mobile workers to access the information they need, whenever they need it.

Shifting paper processes to digital can cut your costs in simple but significant ways:

  • Free workers from slow (and error-prone) paper processes, and automate your routine and bulk print jobs
  • Cut spend on consumables with reduced demand for paper, ink and toner
  • Reduce energy spend – and environmental footprint – with lower device use
  • Save on physical storage costs with fewer paper files to archive

ITAF Managed print Services

Your print environment is one of the cornerstones of your IT infrastructure. It deserves dedicated expert support to help you minimise costs and maximise value.
We can help you streamline your print environment and find the places to trim fat – as well as providing services that put you in control of your devices, processes, documents, and security. Contact ITAF support for a more in-depth look at your unique business needs.

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