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VersaLink vs. AltaLink: Which Option Makes the Most Sense for My Business?

VersaLink vs. AltaLink: Which Option Makes the Most Sense for My Business?

VersaLink or AltaLink

Choosing office equipment for your business is never an easy task. You need to consider the features offered by the various models available, the reliability of the products, the usability of the devices, and your overall budget. These can be a lot of things to juggle all at once.

Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink are two lines of multifunction devices that many businesses end up trying to decide between. Choosing a Xerox office device is a great decision as the brand has a long history of quality, innovation, and performance.

However, once you have decided to go with Xerox, how do you narrow down your final choice? In this article, we will have a Xerox VersaLink vs. AltaLink comparison to help you decide which line is best for your own unique needs.

Highlights of the Xerox VersaLink

Xerox VersaLink devices are designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind. The lineup of devices within this family is sure to have something for every business. If you just need printing capabilities then you can find a Xerox office printer within the Xerox VersaLink line. However, if you need the capabilities of a Xerox office copier then the line includes multifunction devices as well, which can manage both printing and copying needs.

One of the overall themes with the Xerox VersaLink line of devices is the ease of use. If you own or operate a small business then you likely don’t have the time to be a full time tech support rep in addition to the other duties you take on. Xerox ConnectKey makes managing your workflow simple and easy.

Set up of the ConnectKey features is simple. In a short time, you can connect your Xerox VersaLink device to the apps and services you use most. Scan files to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box with the press of a button. You can also print directly from your cloud storage without installing unnecessary software. ConnectKey makes tasks simple and intuitive so that technology can feel helpful rather than burdensome.

The clear touchscreen display allows you to preview documents after scanning to ensure that all information has been captured clearly. Using the same touchscreen, you can customize your experience to place emphasis on the services you use most. With the plug and play setup, you can have your new Xerox office device up and running in no time.

Highlights of the Xerox AltaLink

The Xerox AltaLink line of products takes many of the features of the VersaLink line and scales them up to be ready for a larger enterprise environment. In addition, there are features implemented with enterprise users in mind specifically.

Much like the VersaLink products, the AltaLink lineup uses the ConnectKey technology to offer an exceptional experience that businesses have come to expect from Xerox office copiers. The touchscreen interface can quickly be configured to give easy access to the productivity services and apps your business uses.

The additional Xerox AltaLink security features is what separates this enterprise solution apart from other options. Optional secure printing options will ensure that sensitive documents are held in a printing queue until a physical key authorizes the release. This is essential in a larger office environment where multiple departments and levels of leadership may be operating.

Connectivity is also key with the AltaLink line of multifunction devices. Employees are given the power to do their work on-the-go with simple pairing solutions. NFC capable devices can be easily connected to ensure that mobile employees can work effectively without having to struggle through a cumbersome setup process.
Sending a document to be printed from a mobile device is as simple as sending an email. There’s no need for additional software. The average smartphone user already uses nine apps per day. Xerox AltaLink is here to simplify your workflow, not add more icons to your smartphone.

VersaLink vs. AltaLink: Which is Right for You?

When considering Xerox office printers and multifunction devices, you may be weighing Xerox VersaLink vs. AltaLink. It’s important to understand that these lines are designed for different businesses.

For small and medium sized businesses, the VersaLink line of products is the best solution. Cost of ownership is low and extra emphasis has been put on ease-of-use with the plug and play setup. Larger businesses with over 20 employees, multiple departments, and more security needs will likely want to opt for the AltaLink line of devices. These devices are designed to handle a larger workload and meet enterprise needs.

Both line of products are exceptional, they are just designed for different use cases. If you have used a Xerox office device in the past then you know that quality comes first no matter which line you choose.

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