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What can Microsoft Teams do for your business?

What can Microsoft Teams do for your business?

To stay in the line within a digital workplace of today, it’s true, the digital transformation is possible with the right collaboration suite that allows staff and managers to communicate, share ideas, securely transfer files and meet, all through a single platform, so in following text, you will see what can Microsoft Teams do for your business.

Microsoft’s hub for intelligent collaboration can help you transform the workplace experience.
Microsoft Teams is built on Skype for Business and SharePoint to provide intelligent collaboration with access to telephony, video and web conferencing, messaging and ad hoc meetings.
In addition, it can also open a world of possibilities for your business, including the ability to:

  • Redesign experiences, services and processes
  • Create powerful custom applications more quickly and easily
  • Provide a connected workplace experience to make your teams more effective

Teams by Microsoft Office 365 will be the solution to all your business communication and collaboration blocks.

3 ways Microsoft Teams is changing the way we collaborate

Communication is key

The age old saying “communication is key”, really carries weight. Your staff and team love to interact and often don’t have the right means to do so effectively. With teams you can get your staff and departments together and on the same page ‘hassle free’ with group chat. You can create teams or groups for departments and add staff to each channel or you can have more private messaging with direct message right within the chat window.

File Collaboration and Task Managing

There’s not too many tools that give you the power to open and work on your files in the one place across multiple teams. With Teams you can collaborate/work on files with built-in Office 365 applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint. This fabulous feature ensures that all ideas, changes, and important updates are incorporated in the one place, and gives everyone in the team chat the opportunity to review documents and approve them on the fly. But of course, if you or someone in the business needs additional time, you can simply download the file, make edits & comments, then upload it right back to the chat. This way, all of your conversations about a particular file is in one location.

Microsoft had aalso connected Tasks in Microsoft Teams for the public, an app that provides a coherent task management.

Meeting Scheduler

For anyone who needs to schedule meetings, chats, calls, Microsoft Teams live events and in-person meetings, Teams will be your new best friend! We all know the pain of organising to get your team together but with the meetings tab in teams, you have access to every staff members calendar all in the one place, making scheduling and organizing a breeze. The meeting scheduler also makes it easy to plan follow up meetings and discussions within your team.

Microsoft Teams as a part of Microsoft 365

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