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Microsoft 365 Office suite vs Google Workspace (which one to choose)

Microsoft 365 Office suite vs Google Workspace

When setting up business infrastructure, choosing a good set of workspace tools is pivotal in the daily organization, collaboration, and optimization of processes. Choosing between a lot of options on the market could be quite confusing. The dilemma of whether to implement Microsoft 365 Office Suite vs Google Workspace is one of the most common among business managers.

ITAF is a Microsoft partner that can provide your organization with Microsoft 365 tools. Here are some of the comparative advantages of Microsoft Office 365 versus Google Workspace.

1#Online Meetings:

Google workspace’s meeting platform is Google Meet, while Microsoft relies on Microsoft Teams.

Although Google Meet is a simple and well-developed tool, it is primarily made for personal use, while Microsoft Teams is specifically and exclusively aimed at businesses.

Microsoft Teams allows you to both organize video conferences and use it as an all-in-one real-time collaboration platform with sophisticated screen sharing options. It is giving teams plenty of collaborative and communicative features.

Here are some of the key Microsoft Teams business features that are not available on Google Meet

  • Collaboration tools with Microsoft apps
  • 250+ app integrations
  • Easy guest access
  • Cloud storage
  • In-transit encryption
  • Phone calls online

2#File sharing

Although both options provide collaboration through shared folders and files and roles in the shared content (editing or view-only permissions), Microsoft 365 file sharing is more sophisticated, business-oriented, and secure. While Google Drive is focused on private consumers, OneDrive, and SharePoint, provided by Microsoft are focused on the enterprise consumer base.

3#Working Offline

Google Workspace does not have offline functionalities – while Microsoft 365 tools are fully functional both online and offline, and you can access files both ways. That means that it does not require an internet connection for working in files. You can use Microsoft 365 tools from an airplane, or in the case of network breakdowns.

4#Word Processing and Spreadsheets

Both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace offer word processing capabilities – Google Workspace through Google Docs and Google Sheets, and Microsoft 365 through Word, Excel, and SharePoint.

However, when it comes to features, Microsoft 365 wins out. With the Microsoft Office suite, you can access dozens of document templates (which is not the case for Google Workspace). Microsoft 365 also leads in fine-grained editing tools, so users can be confident their documents are polished and professional.

As with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel offers dozens of templates that users can easily edit. Additionally, there are far more charts in Excel than in Google’s Sheets.


Creating a presentation in Microsoft Office 365 is far simpler than in Slides; PowerPoint’s QuickStarter offers you a presentation topic, walks you through the process of starting an outline, developing introductory slides, selecting a template and themes. Moreover, PowerPoint makes it easy to add graphics, transitions, animation, and multimedia files. You can use Rehearse Timings feature to track how long you spend on an individual slide. Google’s Slides does not have such capabilities.

How can ITAF help you?

When choosing a set of tools for business organization, collaboration, and scheduling the best choice is always to opt for the set of tools that are created for business use.

The other important factor is to choose a set of tools that comes with the support provided for your organization. ITAF can provide you with complete migration to Microsoft 365 and constant support.

Besides the familiar applications and collaboration tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, ITAF can provide you with other Microsoft corporate solutions, suitable for businesses, enterprises, and non-profits across different devices. ITAF also offers data and mailbox synchronization.

Once your enterprise is fully migrated to Microsoft 365, ITAF can provide you with regular and automatic tool updates, and security and Microsoft 365 backup services, so that your pivotal data is always available and safe. ITAF service center allows you to easily add Microsoft licenses on a self-service base.

Contact ITAF to provide you with the entire range of Microsoft 365 solutions.

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