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How ITAF adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic

How ITAF adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has affected several industries across the globe with ICT being one of them. ITAF witnessed a dynamic change during these times and did its best to adjust to the new normal. All preventative Covid-19 measures are being taken care of in every segment of ITAF business infrastructure.

ICT Services

ITAF ICT engineers provide you with either remote or on-site support. The ITAF Service Desk is available via phone between 08 AM and 6 PM CET. Outside these hours there is a 24/7 on-call system for emergencies. Based on your request ITAF will decide which kind of support suits your needs best, respecting all protective measures to prevent Covid-19 transmission. Whenever it is possible, ITAF will provide you with remote support, via ICT engineers that can spot any emerging problems by monitoring your infrastructure and can react promptly. Many IT issues can be solved using remote desktop software- from the ones related to your computers and printers to the ones including configuration and data security.

Once you need a physical installment or any kind of breakdown occurs you can just call the ITAF Service desk, and they will appoint you with the dedicated on-site ICT engineer who already has all the important information on your infrastructure and workflow. He will then come on-site and provide you with the support needed, respecting all the COVID-19 preventive measures. ITAF makes sure to send the minimal necessary number of engineers based on the customer’s case. ICT engineers are respecting social distancing measures and they are wearing masks.

Field Services

Although the global pandemic moved a lot of business from offices to home offices, some industries require working from one place. ITAF field engineers will help you set up your working environment smoothly. From implementing telecom and network infrastructure, delivering and installing hardware, to creating structured indoor and outdoor cabling, ITAF field services are available to you in times of pandemic as well, respecting all the preventive measures from social distancing and limiting contacts as much as possible, to wearing masks to disinfecting. Like with ICT engineers, ITAF is always sending the minimal number of necessary Field engineers on site.

Preventive Measures at our service centers and offices

Besides remote and on-site support, ITAF ICT services are available to you via ITAF service centers across Flanders and Brussels. ITAF has its offices at Ghent, Roeselare, Turnhout, Leuven, Tielt, Brussel and Antwerpen. All offices are taking the preventive COVID-19 measures, limiting the number of employees present to one or two, and are open to customers on appointment from Monday to Friday, 09 AM and 6 PM with the exceptions in situations local measures require shutting it down. You can always inform if the service centers are open contacting it via phone. Our service center will inform you of the working hours and availability of our engineers.

From Belgium to Serbia, our employees are working both remotely and from the offices, respecting all preventative measures of both countries. All offices are disinfected and employees are practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

Mental Health

ITAF takes mental health in times of crisis very seriously. Their HR team is taking care of employees’ mental health in times of pandemic by talking to each employee individually and on demand. All the necessary pieces of information on measures are sent on time through internal company’s communication channels to prevent panic. They are also organizing online socializing events such as after-hours meetings on Friday where employees can chat via video conference, as well as video game playing nights.

From Belgium to Serbia, 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years and ITAF did its best in keeping both its employees and customers calm and safe.

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