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The new ITAF office in Novi Sad  

The new ITAF office in Novi Sad

An exciting thing has happened at ITAF. Due to the continued team growth and the need to accommodate the growing business demands, ITAF has opened a new office in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The new office

Due to the team growth in Serbia and the expansion of operational needs, ITAF has moved to a brand-new office in Novi Sad. This way they will be able to continue providing reliable support to their customers on an even bigger scale.

The new building offers more spacious and comfortable surroundings. It is situated in a peaceful area easily reachable by foot, car, public transport, or bicycle.

It contains several separate offices with a lot of natural light, as well as a large ICT open space.  Each workstation is fully equipped with the latest conferencing tools.

The new facility is also equipped with a modern video conference room for meetings and video conferencing.

How to reach the new office

Novi Sad office is now in Ćirila i Metodija street, 146.

This office is still reachable via the old phone number: +381 11 4049930 or via email

ITAF is looking forward to continuing to serve its customer needs at an even higher capacity at its new location.

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