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Should you upgrade to Windows 11? (Video)

Should you upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft has enrolled a new update – Windows 11. The new update is a big departure when it comes to the design, however, the operating system comes with the same critical features as Windows 10. Based on the most common security concerns we analyzed it and tried to answer the question of whether you should upgrade to Windows 11.

ITAF’s suggestion | Video

Recently we have received a lot of customer requests concerned about the safety of opting for the new upgrade. Since the latest version of Windows OS is new, ITAF as an IT partner usually suggests waiting for more users to upgrade to it, so that all the possible bugs are already noticed and fixed.

How can ITAF help you?

Contact us, and ITAF’s Microsoft specialists can help you decide whether you should upgrade to Windows 11 immediately or not – based on your business needs and security concerns. On ITAF’s Service center you can raise a request for upgrading to Windows 11, choose how many devices and when you want to upgrade.

ITAF’s specialists will come on-site, make backups of your computers, check hardware and software requirements and estimate if the upgrade is possible. If so, they will install the new OS and stay connected with you to ensure maximum.

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