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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – An Intelligent End-to-End business solution in Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – An Intelligent End-to-End business solution in Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Intelligent business solution in Cloud is a fully integrated business and customer relationship management solution that connects a client and business through processes such as delivering and tracking orders, submitting bids, bid status, signed / in progress / executed contracts , as well as the work tasks of employees related to the pre-sales, sales and post-sales activities.

By monitoring the marketing, service and sales strategies of your business through Microsoft Dynamics 365, the joint work of all sectors is required, all centralized and recorded in one place. By integrating with Microsoft Office Outlook, your ERP system and social networks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 as intelligent business solution in cloud, provides a fast, flexible and affordable solution that leads to a continuous and measurable improvement in everyday business processes.

Who is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is perfect solution for small and medium enterprises, as well as large business systems and organizations. With regard to different industries, the solution can be adapted to various types of organizations such as B2B, B2C companies, marketing agencies, construction and project companies, ICT companies, translation agencies, government departments and institutes, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application enables centralization and unification of customer data, while tracking, optimizing and realizing the sales cycle of your organization.
Sale application enables availability of:

  • Detailed information about clients, such as the existing cooperation in the form of offers, orders, contracts, meetings held, potential new post-market opportunities, bonuses, etc.
  • Tools for advanced search for potential clients based on a set of criteria, so-called filters
  • Details of sent offers and orders per product / service / client filtered by region, local office, vendor, etc.
  • Monitoring the complete documentation related to the sales cycle with the formation, maintenance of knowledge base sales, as well as marketing materials with advanced search options.
  • Monitoring the data on competition and their activities towards the client, by product, region, etc.
  • Entering your product catalog with the definition of price categories, unit of measure, discount and price
  • Generating very complex predefined reports, with the ability to create them according to your needs
  • Integration with your accounting system, whereby the billing process is rounded up
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook enabling automatic conversion of email requests / responses to clients in leads or opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

This application provides tools for segmenting customers, products and other data inputs to efficiently carry out marketing activities, including tracking key performance indicators (so-called Key Performance Indicators or KPI‘s) of marketing campaigns. Thus, one of the potential KPI’s is tracking the speed of response to client requests.

Defining the tasks and activities of marketing campaigns is simplified, as well as identifying potential customers against products or services that your company markets through various channels, such as contact centers, e-mail, websites, newsletters, social networks, etc.

It is possible to monitor all realized marketing activities for a particular client, or a group of clients, and the product is easily generated in the reports, which can easily determine the relationship between a marketing investment and a realized profit (the so-called ROI – Return on Investment).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing also offers an overview of distributed and non-allocated marketing assets, as well as the process of authorizing them for use on particular client.

In addition, various types of automation can be done, such as creating static and dynamic lists of contacts or campaigns for defined marketing campaigns, identifying and deleting duplicated data and adapting to the business processes of the company’s marketing department.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Support

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support application serves to record customer requests, identify possible problems, and store the history of data about the services provided to a specific client in a centralized location.

The Support application in Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes:

  • Creating and managing customer requirements through multiple communication channels, such as call center, e-mail, SMS, web, etc.
  • Managing a customer support cycle: from initiating to closing
  • Application of knowledge base for solving frequent problems
  • Unified management of the billing process
  • Tracking the allocation of internal support resources
  • Generating standard or custom reports per client, service provided, employee support, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive CRM solution that combines individual applications like Sales, Finance, Customer Service and Marketing. In accordance with your business needs, you can buy only those modules that you need at that time, and later you can add other, according to the growth of business.

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