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ITAF became Phished partner!

phished partner

90% of all data breaches begin with a human error. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to focus on the human factor to prevent cyberattacks. That way, you protect your money, reputation, employees and assets. With this in mind, ITAF became Phished partner. Phished is a pioneer in AI-driven Security Awareness Training.

The award-winning Phished platform guarantees a permanent change in employee behaviour thanks to a holistic combination of personalised simulations, security awareness training sessions, active reporting and threat intelligence.

A holistic approach to Security Awareness Training

ITAF, partnered with Phished offers a holistic approach to your employees’ Security Awareness Training. Because awareness alone is not enough, it is important to offer them a complete training that covers every base. Using four pillar features, your organisation’s security awareness and behaviour accumulate in the Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ (BRS).

Send personalised phishing simulations without manual intervention.

Improve your organisation’s cyber resilience by teaching your employees the skills necessary to spot and deal with real-life cyber threats. AI-driven phishing and smishing simulations help them face their weaknesses and improve upon them.

Stop phishing threats with the click of a button.

Permanently change behaviour by ensuring your employees report phishing emails – improving their Behavioural Risk Score™ and stopping real threats before causing damage.

Change behaviour with short and snackable microlearnings.

Teach your employees how to handle every type of threat through time-efficient, frictionless microlearnings covering many different topics and formats. Checkpoint tests assess their competence and directly influences employees’ Behavioural Risk Score™.

Gain real-time insight into current and future threats

Gain insight into all risks for your organisation and employees. Automatically send notifications to your employees when cyber threats are aimed at them, their network or your organisation to increase their level of alertness.

Build your human firewall thanks to Behavioural Risk Score™

The Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ predicts the likelihood of individuals or the organisation getting hacked. It is one quantifiable number that gives you and your management immediate insight into your organisation’s security status and how to improve it.

BRS is calculated using concrete parameters such as data and history. It is constantly updated by measuring your employees’ and organisation’s behaviour.

Get an insight into your organisation’s BRS as a whole, or dive deeper to the level of your departments, teams or individual employees. Get started today!

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