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Benefits of switching to the new version of 3CX (video)

Benefits of switching to the new version of 3CX

Recently 3CX launched a new and improved version of its software – version 18. The new version of 3CX has several extra features, shifts focus to customer communication, and contains updates of mobile apps so that the best user experience is provided.

Upgrade to 3CX Version 18


The new version of the software has a lot of improvements, such as an integrated contact system that sums up internal communications and customer communications. Some of the new features are the Facebook messenger and SMS integrations, but also improved desktop and mobile apps, that do not require web clients. It works as a native Windows app using the same framework as Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp. Users can now answer a call without having to switch between apps. 3CX is thriving to become omnichannel communication systems and developing version 18 is the step closer to that. The company announced that more improvements are yet to come.

About 3CX

3CX telephony answers to various needs and to all business sizes, from small businesses to enterprises. It answers the mobility and remote work needs and provides all advanced contact center requirements. 3CX telephony makes maintenance of your business communications system effortless.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF’s telephony experts can provide you with the latest, improved 3CX version, or offer you first-hand assistance in establishing the 3CX system within your company. Besides providing you with advice and action when it comes to reliable telephony software, ITAF can provide you with Yealink, Snom, and Grandstream telephony equipment. Contact ITAF to get all-around telephony support from an experienced 3CX partner.

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