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Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Professional integration with Microsoft 365

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Professional integration with Microsoft 365

Every month, more than 85 million people are more productive thanks to Microsoft 365 suite apps. Users can work from anywhere, at any time and across any device. Add Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your Microsoft 365 subscription and transform the way you work with customers. Let’s take a look at how Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Microsoft 365 apps work together.


Within Outlook you can create a new sales lead, such as a new contact from an email recipient, or update a prospect to an opportunity . You can also see sales data and history while reading or composing emails. You can also track and share important customer emails, track meetings and customer appointments.


Teams is a powerful tool that allows you to collaborate directly with colleagues and customers on deals. Integration with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional allows you to have conversations, share sales documents, and access sales records, all from Teams. You can also Get contextual sales guidance in Teams, so sellers know what’s next in the sales process.


Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional supports Word mail merge and the ability to pull data from the source and related records. By using workflows, documents can be created automatically and stored against the record that initiated it.


Sellers can access sales data and work with data anywhere, via Excel Online or via Excel desktop. Users can create reports to support their business needs and have the data refresh automatically in Real time in Excel. When users need to update a large number of records, Dynamics 365 Sales Professional supports accurate data entry, helping ensure that the update meets systems and format requirements.

Power BI integration with Dynamics 365 Sales

A Power BI content pack allows users to quickly access sales data in Power BI and visualize trends and chart data. These visualizations can then be surfaced in the dashboard of Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional. Requires Sales Analytics for Dynamics 365 content pack and Power BI license.

OneDrive/SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional supports full document management via OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Sales teams can store documents on SharePoint and manage them from within Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional and set up all key metrics in one window. Documents created in Dynamics 365 are stored on SharePoint/ OneDrive for Business and automatically synced to desktop and mobile devices.

OneNote and Dynamics 365 Sales

View linked notebooks from within Customer Engagement records. Changes to OneNote notebooks  are automatically updated and viewable within Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional. Never lose a piece of information about a customer. Record text, photos, voice, spreadsheets and even handwritten notes.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional support for your business

Whether you are starting your business, or you want to upgrade by cutting the costs and growing the potentials with a best of breed Sales Force automation platfrom, ITAF consultants will help and support your business with implementation the Dynamics 365 Sales Professional.

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