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ITAF on Superprestige Cyclocross in Gavere

ITAF on Superprestige Cyclocross in Gavere

As a part of ITAF‘s interest and support in outdoor activities (as holding own biking team), this weekend, ITAF was on Superprestige Cyclocross in Gavere, East Flanders.

Having our own place in the race zone, we were pleased to host our customers on the ITAF’s stand and to enjoy the nice company and weather as well the race and competition in four categories: newcomers, juniors, promises and elite.

Congratulations to the winners in all categories and we will be seeing you next year definetly!

Few shots from the event:

Tegenwoordig is het gebruikelijk om mensen meerdere apparaten te zien gebruiken voor zowel werk als privé, lees in dit artikel meer over apparaatbeveiliging

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