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ITAF live demo recording – New System for customer support

New System for customer support

Live demo session about the ITAF’s new system for customer support that will be launched on Monday June 28th 2021 is now available online.

Live Demo Session Recording

Benefits of the new customer support system

  • The new system will centralize all customer communication in one place, so that all communication processes and time spent on tasks are easily accessible from both sides.
  • Previously applied technical solutions are being documented in support cases so that this information is available for future reference and makes faster resolutions of reoccurring incidents possible.
  • It makes communication process quicker and more efficient.

Reaching out to ITAF via phone or email will still be available for the customers. In this case ITAF will raise the support case on your behalf.

New Case Management system possibilities

  • Request offer for hardware
  • IT requests for changes in customer’s IT infrastructure
  • IT issues for solving problems in IT infrastructure
  • Common IT requests such as computer installations, password resets etc
  • Order subscriptions
  • Order staff changes
  • Administrative questions

Each single process is demonstrated in ITAF live Demo recording.

Frequently asked Questions from ITAF live demo

Q: Will the links of the old mails still work?

A: Yes, the links in the case notification mails from before the weekend will continue to work and lead you to the new system.


Q: How can I create logins for my colleagues? Can they self-register?

A: Our Service Desk can create ITAF identity accounts for other people in your organisation, which will allow them to log in to the service center


Q: Will my old service center login still work?

A: Yes, your accounts will be migrated to the new case management system. In case of any issues with your accounts, please reach out to our Service desk by phone or via email


Q: Can I contact your support via chat too?

A: Yes, we have a chat available in the service center. Click on the blue icon in the bottom right corner to launch the chat and ITAF service desk operators will contact you.


Q: How do we access tickets from the old system? Will they be available in the new system?

A: Yes, all old cases since 2009 have been migrated to the new case management system and can be consulted using their original case number


Q: What is the difference between the Closed and Completed statuses?

A: When a case has been handled, you or ITAF will be able to close the case and you will receive a notification of this. When a case is closed, you can re-open it yourself without our involvement through the service centre. If you do not re-open the case, it will progress to the Completed phase after 3 business days, at which point it cannot be reopened and will continue towards the administrative handling at the end of that month.


Q: Does anything change in how to contact your helpdesk by phone?

A: There will be no change in how to contact our service desk, although we have plans to make some changes in that area as well. You will soon hear more about this.


Q: In the intro I heard about the ability for me as an IT Manager to be added to all support requests raised by my colleagues, how do I set this up?

A: That is indeed possible. You can raise a request with our Service Desk to set this up for you.


Q: If you spend time in the case creating an offer for me, do I need to pay that as well?

A: The time we need to create an offer will not be billed.


Q: As account administrator, can I see private requests raised by other people in my organisation?

A: No, private requests can only be seen by the person who requested this.


Q: My project is open in the old ticketing system. Is it going to be migrated to the new system?

A: All the cases & projects in the old system will be migrated to the new system, including your ongoing projects.


Q: Cases or tickets, what is correct?

A: Both are correct, but we prefer the word cases.


With this transition ITAF is putting a place for many more improvements to come. We will make sure you hear more about these in time.

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