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ITAF supports more than 1500 international customers every day with various ICT services, giving our best to make every task completed on time and as per request.


Tinneke Van Thienen - NorthFreeze

Tinneke Van Thienen

Site Manager

Review On Engagement With ITAF

In 2017, we decided to carry out a complete revision of our IT system. We chose ITAF to install a new server (cloud based) as they came across with most confident and also prices were competitive compared to other players in the market. They prepared all, from start to end, going from installation of new internet lines at all our sites to full installation of the server. When we moved to our new building in March 2018, ITAF created a smooth transition for all IT matters. ITAF also maintains many of our software packages, ranging from standard software (e.g. Office 365) as a support to our partners for specific software.

Area Of Services (ICT Support)

ITAF had/has a significant role in installation and maintenance of servers, maintenance and supply of hardware, backup and updates of software, as well as providing answers to daily questions and quarterly review of our IT systems.

Satisfactory With ITAF Services

The stability of an IT system cannot be overrated these days. Especially with all information (both software and data) in the cloud, we were somewhat scared to jump… but nevertheless we are very happy with this system! If there are problems, the ticketing system is a good way to handle issues that are not urgent. With the remote system, IT engineers can help from a distance to solve issues. When really urgent, people in Ghent are there to come over and solve the issues as soon as possible.


Eric Vernaeve - ICASA

Eric Vernaeve

International Business Development Manager

Review On Engagement With ITAF

ICASA has engaged ITAF, already since 2016, to provide professional datacenter services including network connectivity, security, 24/7 monitoring in a private cloud services setup in the Antwerp (ADC) and Brussels (BDC) Datacenters in a redundant setup required for the ICASA Suite. In 2018 ICASA has requested ITAF to deploy additional secured virtual processing power, server and storage capacity in the ICASA ITAF Private Cloud based on a flexible software defined datacenter setup. In a joined effort, the ICASA and ITAF teams will continue to improve the private cloud services platforms with state-of-the-art solutions.

Area Of Services (ICT Support)

Towards services ICASA can rely on the extensive ICT support and consultancy experience of the ITAF consultants and engineers including hands-on datacenter services and business service monitoring.

Satisfactory With ITAF Services

ICASA strongly appreciates the efficient approach, competences and experience in delivering robust managed cloud services. As such ITAF provides added value with a team that thinks along with the ICASA system engineers and SaaS solution consultants and correctly addresses and solves the required challenges of today’s modern cloud service requirements.


Nina Reyntjens - BUUR

Nina Reyntjens

Landscape Architect

Review On Engagement With ITAF

BUUR cvba (BUreau voor URbanism) - a Leading multidisciplinary team of passionate urbanists, architects, landscape architects, spatial planners and mobility experts started in July 2019. In a very short time, ITAF was able to comprehend the challenges we are facing in the future. We appreciate very much the speed and efficiency of ITAF in the individual daily support and the support in specific (infrastructural) needs.

Area Of Services (ICT Support)

Our cooperation stands for (proactive) server management, monitoring and maintenance, hardware management (ITAF is also a reseller partner for hardware), telephony, cloud secure network management: Network infrastructure, WiFi, VPN on different locations. ITAF services towards BUUR can be seen in daily user monitoring through secure desktop management tool, daily ICT support for all users (50+) through a ticketing system and weekly with on-site support, cloud services (data backup) and consultancy when desired on different topics.

Satisfactory With ITAF Services

ITAF is open to think out of the box, to reflect together with us on possible solutions that will suit us better than standard methods. First, we had to adapt ourselves to the clean and structured method they handle tickets and issues, but after a short while we realized that this is a very clear, swift and correct way to handle problems for a big team with a complex IT-system. We are convinced that ITAF can help us to make our business more efficient and believe that they are able to roll out customized IT-solutions for our specific future needs.

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