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VoIP Engineer


Are you laid back, slow, and meticulous, and do you think illogically? Then this might be the job for you!

Laid back because you don’t like to do things more than once if you can avoid this with smart IT solutions.
Slow, and meticulous because you don’t understand why people often choose just one operating system that’s called Windows.
Think illogically and do not only have a focus on the technical part of an IT job but always think customer service oriented and you are result driven.

You have the following capabilities:

  • You have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT.
  • On top of your IT studies you have a passion for system engineering (really!)
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical experience with 3CX. Asterisk is nice to have.
  • Although your focus is on VoIP, you have a good understanding of networking concepts from layer 2 till layer 7
  • You have working experience with IP telephony/VoIP infrastructures based on open-source components
  • You know your way around the following VoIP concepts: SIP, dialplan, ACD/IVR, voicemail, auto-provisioning, SBC
  • You have strong teamwork and communication skills, on top of that you take ownership and can technically lead tasks and projects to completion
  • You take pride in getting things right first time (that’s why we are looking for lazy people)
  • You are comfortable in English, both written and spoken (this is a must, you will communicate and read/write documentation in English)
  • You have a flexible work style and are open to out-of-office hours migration work (we assume that this is not a surprise)

You are responsible for:

  • designing, installing, configuring, and supporting customer soft PBX’es
  • solving complex VoIP challenges and taking care of new deliveries, change requests, and incidents
  • providing input to product and service development
  • providing input to further developing our management, auto-provisioning and monitoring toolset
  • developing implementation and migration routes and setting up technical procedures
  • creating and maintaining documentation on our wiki about standards and specific customer implementations
  • supporting network engineers for VoIP-related matters

Our environment consists of the following component:

You have working experience with or at least a sound theoretical knowledge of a good deal of the following technologies:

  • Hypervisors: KVM
  • VoIP: 3CX, FreePBX, Kamailio
  • FoIP: T.38
  • VoIP protocols: SIP, RTP, RTCP, DTMF
  • Traditional telephony: PSTN, PRI
  • VoIP hardware: Yealink, Snom, Grandstream, 2N Helios
  • Networking technologies: IPv4, VLAN, DHCP, DNS, NAT, SNMP, QoS, Dot1Q
  • Monitoring & management tools: Icinga, Librenms, MediaWiki
  • Databases & directories: MySQL, LDAP
  • Scripting: Bash, PHP
  • Middleware: Apache

We offer you:

  • A challenging, complex IT environment, built around cloud computing and other data center concepts.
  • To work together with our technical architect for developing our VoIP offerings
  • Exposure to lots of technically interesting stuff.
  • Job security. We are looking for people who want to join the team for a long period.
  • A competitive market conforms salary with the opportunity to grow in proportion with your skill set, motivation, and ownership that you take.

About ITAF:

ITAF is an IT partner for SME, large enterprises and governmental organizations. At this moment ITAF is based on two companies; one in Belgium and one in Serbia.

ITAF offers solutions in: ICT support, ICT Infrastructure, Cloud Services and Managed Services.

We set up and maintain complex IT services, support servers and networks on a 24/7 basis, keep an eye on the business-critical applications of our customers around the clock and provide many other services which let organizations thrive in today’s fast-moving economy.

How to apply for this function?

Please fill in an online survey.

These questions are not about right or wrong but will give us a good idea of who you are. It’s important to have the right person for the right position!

If you already filled in a questionnaire in the past, please do not hesitate to do this again. We do not keep track of candidates who applied for a previous position.

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