Official service provider SME e-wallet

ITAF is recognized as SME service provider!

What is the SME e-wallet?

The SME e-wallet is a subsidy measure whereby you – as an entrepreneur – receive financial support for training or advice that improve the quality of your company. The only condition that you must meet is cooperating with a recognized service provider. The annual subsidies can range from €10,000 (for companies up to 50 employees) to €15,000 (for companies up to 250 employees).

ITAF as recognized SME e-wallet provider!

This means that when you participate in our trainings 30% (for companies up to 50 employees) and 20% (for companies up to 250 employees) of your invoice can be paid by the Flemish Government.

ITAF can be found as a recognized service provider via the following registration number: DV.O236476

How to make use of the SME e-wallet?

  • You conclude an agreement between ITAF and your company.
  • You register at the Flemish Government portal (INKOM) via this link to submit your application (at the latest 14 days after the start of the training).
  • You pay a partial contribution through a deposit to Sodexo.
  • The Flemish Government further supplements the portfolio with the subsidy amount.
  • You confirm the full payment via the website of the SME portfolio.

ITAF is recognized as SME service provider!

Would you like more information?

You can find more information about the SME e-wallet here.

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