IT Infrastructure and Telephony

ICT Infrastructure and Telephony Services

ITAF is all about finding a proper IT infrastructure solution for your business, whether it is built on the existing architecture or there is a need for implementing the new one. We are here to fully support your requests and advise you about the best IT infrastructure solution for your business.

Hosting and Network Security Services

Hosting Services

ITAF will lead you through all the basic set ups of your IT infrastructure and the one to start with is definetely setting up the the hosting and network security. Our own data centers where we can set up the network will provide you the safest getaway to your business secured network – the bloodline of your IT infrastructure.

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Network Security Services

Be ensured when coming to an implementation and advising for the best possible solution related to your secured VPN access and threat prevention, ITAF security specialists are the ones to be asked for support. ITAF security specialists will exclude any host based intrusions, would handle the security information and event management (SIEM) for your business and will keep your network safe and secured within 24/7 monitoring.

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Cloud Servers, Data storage & Security Backup

Cloud Servers Implementation

After setting up the hosting and network, your company is in a need for multiple different servers. ITAF will adjust the file server for accesing, storing, managing and securing the data on cloud, based on your business needs and needful capacity. ITAF’s key priority is to set up the server-to-server communication, which would provide a needful workflow, granting the higher availability and lower costs for your business.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Every business needs a server backups on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly level, depending on business requirements and data volume. Therefore, as part of our security services, we are keen to protect, store and if needed, recover your data from any potential security breaches.

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Telephony, Unified Communications and Call Center

ITAF telephony

Telecom Infrastructure Services

When it is done with setting up your hosting and network, servers, security patches, it is needful to introduce the communication in your ICT infrastructure – telephony infrastructure. Term telephony is related to unified communications used for internal and external organization video calls, webmeetings or conference calls, or the call center set up used for contact with your customers. ITAF can provide you with a first class experience in adjusting and upgrading your company’s telco structure.

Business Applications and Platforms

Cloud, ERP, CRM and Platforms Licensing and Implementation

By implementing the intelligent business applications and platforms, enables your business an insight to help you predict and lead. The business applications solutions are available on-site, in the cloud or as a hybrid system. Here’s a sample of some of the platforms ITAF consultants can help you to sharp your business processes. ITAF will support you on evaluation of your needs, requirements, optimization, implementation and consultancy within finance, administration, ERP and CRM tools/applications builded on the state of art platforms, adjusted for your business success.

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