Cloud and Hosting Services

Cloud is about how you do computing,
not where you do computing

Specialized ITAF cloud & hosting services.

Cloud & Hosting Services

Manage your resources, applications and services in one place! ITAF is providing hosting and cloud managed services in order to make any business present, secured and easy reachable for users. Owning the space in multiple datacenters together with state of art technology, ITAF will provide you a first class hosting managed services and cloud-based infrastructures.

Cloud Services

Cloud Support Services

 ITAF’s Cloud-first approach ensures a pain-free transition to cloud. ITAF is a business infrastructure partner that provides an organization with the servers, domain controllers, complete communication network, and firewalls to boost continuity, scalability, and security.

ITAF cloud services include implementation of:

Hosting Services

Cloud and Hosting

Hosting Adjusted to Your Business Needs

Choosing the proper and most convenient hosting solution for your business might be a challenging to do on your own. ITAF will advise you the best solution to choose for your business, whether it is about cloud hosting, shared hosting or custom hosting infrastructure. We will support you on the major 3S’s that stand for hosting – Speed, Support and Security.

Choose between one or more ITAF hosting solutions:

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