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Private Cloud Implementation Services

Private cloud – is a cloud computing service offered over the Internet or a private internal network to only selected group of users inside an organization, instead of the general public.


Private Cloud Benefits

Private office cloud brings to your business the Virtual Office

For organizations that want to be completely independent of IT systems and locations, ITAF offers a Private Office Cloud solution – a virtual office available at any time and at any location. Thanks to the Private Office Cloud, your company doesn’t have to worry about hardware or software choices, security, technical interventions or maintenance of your computer infrastructure ITAF IT experts are implementing Cloud to your infrastructure, building and monitoring your IT environment.

Private cloud benefits:

Mobile working and
working at home

Thanks to the Private Cloud solution you can access your data from any location using a secure connection (VPN).

Disaster Recovery

Private Office Cloud offers a disaster recovery solution – daily backup of data which is stored in a second datacenter and makes your data safe and secured.


For optimum security a dedicated firewall will stand in front of the online fileserver. This firewall will ensure additional business data and internet traffic security as well as identification of the VPN connections.

Private Cloud Implementation

How can ITAF support you when implementing the Private Office Cloud?

Flexibility & Scalability

ITAF cloud specialists will custom design and manage your private cloud, freeing your IT team to concentrate on revenue-generating projects.
▪ No hardware purchases
▪ No licenses purchase
▪ Resources rapidly adaptable (memory, CPU and disk space)

Backup and Disaster Recovery

With ITAF expertise and experience, you'll avoid the common cloud pitfalls and enjoy a smooth migration.
▪ Daily backup
▪ Monthly snapshot of your server
▪ All types of backups are stored in a second datacenter!

Class “A” datacenter

ITAF has its own space in multiple Belgium based datacenters with an advanced multiservice network. ITAF can provide you internet access and a private network connection between your office and your servers offering:
▪ Air-conditioned class “A” datacenter
▪ Protection against power-offs with UPS and generators
▪ Protection against fire and burglary

Private Cloud Support

Managed Private Cloud Services

We have collected the cloud implementation experience and have successfully migrated hundreds of satisfied clients to a private cloud model. Our cloud specialists team will identify ways to optimize your access to the cloud.

For more information about Private Cloud services please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you!

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