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The market is becoming increasingly competitive, businesses worldwide are choosing to switch old marketing, customer support, and sales methods with more automated ones. That is where advanced tools such as the ones from HubSpot come to play. HubSpot is a developer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations. Let us dig into answering not only what is HubSpot through analysing advanced HubSpot tools, but what it can do for your business automation and growth.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub is a marketing automation tool that aligns with your marketing strategy and helps you go through processes such as

  • Blogging
  • Email marketing and reporting
  • Social media publishing and monitoring
  • Lead scoring, automated action-based, and email workflows
  • Creating landing and thank you pages
  • Building lead forms
  • Supplying you with SEO and content strategy tools
  • Sophisticated web pages, blogs, and landing page reporting.

The Marketing Hub consists of Marketing Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

It also had some free features which cover a wide variety of services such as website contact forms generation, sending out 2,000 emails each month, free live chat, and conversational bots.

Marketing Hub provides a unified view and control over all your marketing tools and data. It is an easy-to-use platform that saves marketers’ time and provides them with the context needed to create a personalized experience that turns content consumers into leads.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales hub coordinates your sales strategy and helps you measure its results, convert leads into customers, and reactivate already converted leads. These some of its popular features:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Call transcriptions
  • Email tracking and notifications
  • Productivity reporting
  • Live chat
  • Revenue tracking
  • Quotes creation

Sales Hub supports sales representatives in closing deals with customers in one single platform that integrates all important tools and data. This tool covers all parts of the sales funnel, from starting a conversation to deepening relationships with customers. It helps automate administrative tasks and connect with customers from anywhere.

HubSpot Services Hub

Customers nowadays expect personalized and fast feedback 24/7. However, most customer service teams struggle to meet these demands because of a lack of customer support tools that can unify all data and actions needed. Service Hub brings all customer support channels in one place thus saving your customer support more time for proactive customer communication. It also identifies the ways to improve the customer experience.

These are some of its popular features:

  • Ticketing
  • Conversational bots
  • Canned snippets
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Time-to-close and productivity reports
  • Ticket pipelines and statuses
  • Customer support surveys
  • Customer insight dashboards

HubSpot CMS Hub

Content Management System helps marketers create personalized web pages with or without the help of a developer. It creates a personalized experience for every site visitor to convert them into customers. It gives SEO recommendations, provides pre-built website themes, tracks visitors, and provides them a personalized experience based on CRM data, updates, and creates pages without a developer’s help or custom code.

Popular Features:

  • SEO Recommendations
  • Website themes
  • Integrated CRM
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Adaptive testing

It enables marketing teams to make the last-minute updates on their own with flexible themes. Developers using it has access to ideas od HubSpot developers’ community, and the websites are backed up with 24/7 available security team and features like enterprise-class web application firewall, SSL, custom CDN, SSO memberships.

HubSpot Operations Hub

HubSpot’s Operations Hub‘s key role is to unify data in a connected platform, automate time-consuming tasks without the need for third-party integration tools. Business automatization goes from lead rotation and territory management to post-sale handoffs and renewals. Operations Hub’s data sync powers dozens of integrations, including Microsoft 365 tools, and aligns the work of different teams. It also helps to create customized and precise reports. Operations Hub can also trigger actions in the third-party tools.

Popular features:

  • Data Sync
  • Data Quality Automation
  • Custom Properties
  • Programmable Automation
  • Workflow Extension
  • Team management and permissions

Operations Hub helps keeping the teams organized and efficient by ensuring every user has access to the right assets and manages agent permissions and statuses.

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