How Microsoft 365 Makes Collaborating An Easy Job

Microsoft 365 colaborating tool

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Companies around the world use a variety of products and solutions to enable their teams to get the work done. With many different products and services, end users have to constantly bounce from one resource to another and visit different sites to manage all their projects, emails, etc. This is where the beauty of the Microsoft 365 platform truly performs. By moving to and working within the Microsoft 365 infrastructure, organizations will be able to leverage a multitude of services to get the work they need done all in one centralized location. Here are the most common solutions how Microsoft 365 makes an easy job to its users.

Outlook – For Email

Email is one of the main forms of communication today, so having an optimal email provider that’s connected to all your other services is essential. Once you’re in Microsoft 365, you can leverage Outlook for a multitude of applications like sending out meeting invites, sharing content, and more!
It may sound like a minute benefit to have an email service that’s part of the same platform as all of your other services, but as we expand on the other offerings it will soon become clear why this is so important to have.

Microsoft Teams – For Team Collaboration and Meetings

When it comes to team collaboration Microsoft Teams is the strongest platform on the market today. Not only can you have 1:1 and 1:many chats, but you can also create Teams and channels to collaborate across different departments. Plus, you can use Microsoft Teams to set up meetings and conference calls like in Zoom.
Tying back into email, this is one example of the multitude of benefits that having all your services on one platform has to offer! With a service like Zoom, you would have to create links and go through multiple steps in order to get meetings and calls set up. On the contrary, this is not the case with Teams and Outlook. You can look up all relevant people’s calendars in Outlook–and even use the Scheduling Assistant–to find an optimal time that works for everyone before sending out a Teams meeting invite with the link included! All of this can be done directly in Microsoft Teams.

OneDrive and SharePoint – For File Storage and Sharing

How can an end user store and share the files if they did not originate from the same ecosystem? Typically, you would have to manually store all the files. Sharing becomes an issue as well because end users want to prevent versioning issues (which can become a real hassle).
Microsoft 365 includes OneDrive and SharePoint, all-in-one file storage and sharing services that mitigates these problems. Saving files in OneDrive and/or SharePoint instantly secures the documents in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere, whilst at the same time making it convenient to share content. All you need to do is right-click and share it and you can either share a direct link to the file in Teams chat or send it as an email.

How can ITAF help you?

ITAF support for Microsoft services helps you set up an environment in the right way, provide your organization with 24/7 operational management and/or increase business security by performing server and security patching. Contact us for any additional info and we will gladly help you.

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