Frequently asked questions about Office 365?

Frequently asked questions about Office 365

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Here are some of frequently asked questions about Office 365:


What is Office 365 (Microsoft 365 apps)?

Office 365 (Microsoft 365 apps) is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device. Whether you work online or offline, from your computer, tablet or phone. Office 365 is always there for you. It supports PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows.

Why Office 365 (Microsoft 365 apps), Not Standard Office?

This is probably the most common question our users are asking. It’s true that Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook …) that you use now are identical to those Office applications you use through Microsoft 365. But, what makes Office 365 better and more useful, is its additional functionality that turns it into a serious business tool. This functionality, until recently, was reserved only for large corporations that invested tens of thousands of euros in equipment, all of which are now available through Office 365, without any additional investment .
For example, in order to synchronize your calendar and synchronize meetings and commitments with associates using a standard Outlook desktop application, you need to invest in an Exchange server. Now it’s all consolidated in Office 365 (Microsoft 365 apps) and there is no need for any additional costs .

How do Microsoft 365 apps save money?

In addition to the cliché phrase that time is money and what saves time, saves money, Microsoft 365 office suite in a number of ways really saves money in an immediate way. How? Here’s how:

  1. There is no expensive licensing that requires an initial investment in the software, but for the use of Office 365, the subscription is paid annually, exclusively to the number of users who use the software.
  2. There is no investment in equipment that allows you to use advanced services like Exchange, data storage services … Because all of this has already been included in Office 365.
  3. No additional costs for paying an upgrade from the old version to the current , because Office 365 always uses the latest version.
  4. Computers, smartphones, or tablets that you use to access Office 365 applications do not have to be top-notch, you only need to access the Internet to work.
  5. One user can install his Office 365 account on five different devices (PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet …) so that it uses all of its devices with one payment.

Where is your data?

Your data is still yours, its just not in your computer, but its on Microsoft servers that are located throughout Netherlands and Ireland. In addition to these locations, for security reasons, data is simultaneously replicated in several locations around the world to ensure data security in case of physical destruction of any of the data centers.

How secure is the data?

To ensure maximum security of data, Microsoft has provided the following prerequisites:

  • Data Centers are under the physical and technical security of 24 hours.
  • Employees who access servers go through multiple authentication, including biometric scanning.
  • All data is encrypted both in standby mode and in the process of moving between you and the servers where the data is stored.
  • Office 365 users and administrators go through two-step authentication.
  • User access rights management system ensures that access rights can be de-licensed to the level of files (folders).
  • Your data is always yours and you can access it whenever you like.

How can ITAF help you regarding frequently asked questions about Office 365?

However, to start using Office 365 (Microsoft 365 apps), the key factor is migrating the content of mailboxes from the existing email system to Office 365 or Exchange Online, while all other files that you have on your computers or file servers are simply copied to One Drive.

If your business needs help with migration to Microsoft Office 365, contact ITAF, Microsoft Partner. Our experienced engineers will help you with all aspect of migration process as well as any IT support that you business requires.

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