Dynamic Cloud Platform

Dynamic Cloud Implementation Services

Having your own servers can be quite costly and hard to manage. ITAF Cloud services make this easier, by allowing customers to rent ITAF hardware – Dynamic Cloud Platform. Dynamic Cloud Platform is a cloud-based server, completely secured, monitored, and managed by ITAF IT specialists.

What does Dynamic Cloud Platform
mean to my business?

Manage your resources, applications and services in one place

Dynamic Cloud Platform integrates your system tools and apps, giving you the opportunity of dynamic behaviour in managing your configuration, data and services with the highest security, protection and support standards. 24/7 monitoring, support and assistance are based on physical and virtual servers owned by ITAF or customer. Dynamic Cloud infrastructure services include Cloud Firewalls, Cloud IP PBX telephony systems, and various cloud servers and cloud backup storage. 

Why Dynamic Cloud Platform

Benefits of implementing the cloud by ITAF cloud specialists

Accessibility and control

You are in control of managing your resources, services, applications and data. You can rent CPU (central processing unit), disk space and memory from ITAF. If you need more space on servers, you can easily increase the cloud capacity without having to invest in extra physical infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in cloud computing quickly scales up and down with demand, letting you pay only for what you use. Install, configure, and manage your own software. Even in cases of natural disasters or a breakdown, all your data is backed up and you can access your own server 24/7.

Sustainability and Scalability

Dynamic Cloud Platform is using green power, so it does not cause a negative impact on the environment.

Protection and support

Lightning-fast Internet access, secure cloud infrastructures with efficient data transmission, processing and storage. Dynamic Cloud platform professional support by ITAF builds on the capability of highly skilled staff with an in-depth understanding of cloud computing for security and support 24/7.

Dynamic Cloud Support

Dynamic Cloud Platform

ITAF can provide Infrastructure as a service as a public cloud service but also as a private cloud service. Our cloud specialists team will identify ways to optimise your access to the cloud.

⬦ 24/7 live monitoring

⬦ Managed firewall service (you choose which ports are open)

⬦ Maintenance and updates

⬦ Scalable access to applications, resources and services

For more information about Dynamic Cloud Platform please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you!

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