A modern workplace with Microsoft 365

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With the rise of remote working and virtual distributed teaming, it is more crucial than ever to provide tools that facilitate work, make it intuitive and digitally enabled. At the same time, we all know that tools may be a double-edged sword because when used inappropriately, they can distract and decrease the team’s productivity. Luckily, there is a way to overcome it and to get the right tools that work as a hub for teamwork. Now let’s look at how technology can accelerate change and how Microsoft 365 addresses the needs of modern workplace.

Modern Workplace – Microsoft 365: An overview

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one comprehensive platform that consists of Microsoft 365 apps, Windows 10 Pro, and Enterprise Mobility+Security. It’s suitable particularly for SMB’s that want to set up their work environment as fast as possible.

Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft 365 apps is a robust and easily accessible collaboration and communication platform hosted in the cloud. It contains fully installed web, mobile, and desktop apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and more, depending on the chosen plan (for home, for business, for education).


SharePoint is a homepage for your company. Your team can discover the content they need, company updates and notes, manage their daily routine; create lists, documents, document libraries, and more.


OneDrive is an all-in-one cloud service – perfect to store, sync, and access files from any device.

Modern workplace – Microsoft 365: The most popular tools


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork. Different teams can use different channels and chats to communicate, share files, and stay in touch with company news. Synchronised with Outlook, Microsoft Teams allows scheduling meetings and having calls and video conferences.


Yammer is a company’s social network. It is a communication tool that can also work as a knowledge base and an internal social media site.


Outlook puts email, contacts, calendar, and tasks together, in one place. It allows previewing a Linkedin profile of people you contact and to upload attachments directly from OneDrive.

Modern Workplace – Microsoft 365: Let the right set tools address the needs of the organizations

AI-powered search

Team members spend too much time on finding the documents that are necessary to do their jobs. Microsoft 365 provides an AI-powered search that allows the employee to find relevant documents in a few seconds. Documents can then be easily imported to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

 Team leaders and scrum masters often use whiteboards and handwritten notes at meetings. They take photos and upload them later to the online drive, and then struggle to find the right documents. Storing files on OneDrive and SharePoint lets you use the AI-powered search even on the images. The intelligent search can identify text written on whiteboards, receipts, and in notebooks.

Efficient communication tools

  A company cooperates with gig workers from all around the world and allow their employees to work remotely – not only from home but also while traveling to distant locations. Managers struggle to keep everyone in the loop.  Distributed teams require highly efficient all-in-one collaboration and communication tools. Microsoft Teams can keep a distributed team together, including external consultants and freelancers. Team members are free to form teams in various channels and to discuss their projects there. It also allows everyone to use not only the tools provided by Microsoft but also external software that is necessary to get the work done, like Adobe Creative Cloud, GitHub or Survey Monkey. All the files are automatically stored on SharePoint so everyone who has access can view, edit, or comment on them – no matter the location, time zone or device.

AI-powered Outlook filters

  Team members are free to work from any place they want, both in the office and outside it. They work on laptops, tablets, and smartphones – whatever device is handier at the point in time. Sometimes it is a bottleneck because of the limited functions of a mobile version of the tools they use and because of the problems with synchronizing. When work happens on the go, it’s impossible to keep all the files on computers located in the office. Microsoft 365 applications are mobile-friendly and thanks to the document synchronization there is no difference on what devices you or your employees prefer to work. As we all know how easily people can get distracted while using mobile devices, AI-powered Outlook filters important emails from those that can wait for a better moment to reply.

Combining with Linkedin

  In a big organization people don’t know each other and struggle to find people from other teams whose expertise would help in specific projects.  Combining Microsoft 365 apps, Teams, and Yammer with Linkedin makes it incredibly easy to find a professional with the required skills – both inside and outside the organization.

Learn more about Modern Workplace

ITAF supports the concept of modern and digital workplace and helps you set up the Microsoft 365 tools in the right way, provide your organization with high-standard innovative approach in building your modern IT ecosystem.

Contact ITAF for professional support.

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