Cloud connect


Private network

  • The ITAF Data center Interconnect product is a platform that guarantees an answer to all your needs in the field of connectivity between your locations, as well as with your server farm in the data center.
  • Your different locations are connected the each other and to the data center via high-performance technologies.
  • ITAF Data Center Interconnect is the base for a set of innovative and cost reductive applications, such as off-site backup, secured Internet access, secured mail, IP telephony and others.

Different priorities for different applications

  • The ITAF Data center Interconnect uses Quality of Service.
  • This means that your different applications receive different priorities, in line with your business needs.
  • That way we can guarantee that the guaranteed bandwidth is assigned to your CRM or ERP pack and that a lower priority can be given for example to mail traffic than to Internet traffic.
  • If you use IP telephony, QoS is a must.

Private connection with the data center

  • Your office network is extended to the data center.
  • This means that servers in our data center are located in your own secured network and this way you have fully secured and high-performance access to your servers, that are also located in an optimal environment, where all risks that threaten your servers, are reduced to the fullest.

Professional equipment and 24/7 monitoring

  • ITAF Data center Interconnect uses a professional and high-performance Cisco router that is installed at your office.
  • This router is monitored day and night.
  • You can also check these monitoring data via a web portal: the ITAF Service Center (

Use of present and high-performance technology

  • Depending of your needs, we make use of a MPLS or a DMVPN technology to achieve the secured private connection with the data center.